TouchGen: Bowman Defense Review

TouchGen writes: "Let's talk about a little game called Bowman Defense from Triniti Interactive; "The hottest bowman battlefield ever!". We will talk about the graphic styling, game play, bugs and much more. Let's not waste anymore time and dive into this castle defense review.

First up, you may or may not know about a game called Patapon. This was a rhythmic game with a very nice look to it for the PSP. The look was so nice that Triniti decided they would borrow it for Bowman Defense. Why stop there? Well… most would, but Triniti went ahead and made a rhythmic drum beat in the spirit of Patapon as well. Since I'm a nice guy I'll refrain from calling this Patapon Defense from here on out, though I really want to.

The game plays as you would expect it to. You're the last Bowman defending the last castle from evil forces. The evil doers will advance from the right side of the screen towards your castle. You are happily perched atop the highest tower on the left side of the screen. To stop the advancing army you swipe your finger back and let an arrow go after a quick aim."

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