PlayStations prove useful in sophisticated medical research

NEW YORK - Peter Hofstee's PlayStation 3 has a mission: When it's not amusing his 11-year-old son with simulated car racing, the machine twists virtual proteins, using its speedy Cell microchip to help researchers understand diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

Hofstee, the IBM Corp. engineer who seven years ago helped start the Sony-Toshiba-IBM Cell design center in Austin, Texas, has added his Sony game console to the more than 30,000 that volunteer number-crunching time to the Folding@Home project.

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HandShandy5973d ago

Woke up one morning with my PS3 Bricked.

Screw that.

Lord Anubis5973d ago

that's strange I've been folding for quite some time, yet I haven't had any problems with my system.

TruthHurts5973d ago

this is what u bought this for?
why aren`t you playing games instead?
folding sucks.
haha Bluedragon.
haha Bioshock.
ps3 sucks.

on topic.
i love my ps3.


More than a decade after launch, MW3 2011 is finally on its last legs

At the time of writing, the game, which once had more than 55,000 players on Steam alone, now has just 389.

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.5 Goes Live

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.5 has gone live, bringing with it new main scenario quests, an alliance raid and more.


A thermos is upending the Alan Wake community

Remedy has Alan Wake merch on sale, including a pretty blue thermos. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone according to plan, and many players who want a thermos find themselves without one, though it does appear that Remedy is attempting to fix things. Nevertheless, it has resulted in a lot of upset, illustrating just how much the thermos means to Alan Wake fans.

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