PlayStations prove useful in sophisticated medical research

NEW YORK - Peter Hofstee's PlayStation 3 has a mission: When it's not amusing his 11-year-old son with simulated car racing, the machine twists virtual proteins, using its speedy Cell microchip to help researchers understand diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer.

Hofstee, the IBM Corp. engineer who seven years ago helped start the Sony-Toshiba-IBM Cell design center in Austin, Texas, has added his Sony game console to the more than 30,000 that volunteer number-crunching time to the [email protected] project.

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HandShandy4163d ago

Woke up one morning with my PS3 Bricked.

Screw that.

Lord Anubis4163d ago

that's strange I've been folding for quite some time, yet I haven't had any problems with my system.

TruthHurts4163d ago

this is what u bought this for?
why aren`t you playing games instead?
folding sucks.
haha Bluedragon.
haha Bioshock.
ps3 sucks.

on topic.
i love my ps3.