Microsoft cancels key developer conference

Microsoft has cancelled its developer conference in October, citing inconvenient timing for the show in light of the launch of important new infrastructure and developer-platform products.

Microsoft dropped the bombshell about the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), which was to be held in Los Angeles, in a posting on its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site late Thursday.

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THWIP4757d ago

Hardly worth reporting here, considering anyone it may affect, should already have the "memo".

This one paragraph sums up why this is not really "news":

"Microsoft's reasoning for this, essentially, is that between MIX, TechEd Orlando and Barcelona, and (I suspect) its Business Intelligence Conference held two weeks ago -- and a slew of recent and soon-to-come alpha and beta releases -- developers have enough to chew on for a while," Andrew Brust, chief, new technology for consulting firm Twentysix New York, said in a post on his blog. "If my memory serves me correctly, Microsoft made the same decision two PDCs back and, with hindsight, people appreciated the decision and judged it wise."

_insane_cobra4757d ago

This is hardly gaming related.

Xbot_Killer4757d ago

business intelligence conference = whose software will we steal next?

BIadestarX4757d ago

aaaaaaaaa ahahaha aaaaaa ahahahah aaaaaaaa ahahaha.... You are so funny! ahahaha... ahahha. "whose software will we steal next" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha.

I guess we have another hardcore microsoft/xbox hater in the house.

Tip: bro, here is a tip, stick to games and other crap... don't repeat or use words like, "business intelligence conference" specially when you don't know what you are talking about. Keep doing what you are doing, listen to the people that learn how to change the ram, install linux and feel smarter than anyone. dont use any microsoft product because it makes you feel cool and smart. Hate Microsoft = Smart... right? Lemmings... they are always reapeating what others say and doing what others do... never a mind of their own...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4757d ago

Rumble stolen cough! motion sensing controller stolen cough! PS3s interface and OS stolen cough! They all steal sh!t dude ALL OF THEM! thats why thier called pirates.

gta_cb4756d ago

haha... hold on.... that ISNT funny fanboy!