Gamespot: Chime Hands-On


"Ever wonder what your favorite game designers would come up with if they didn't have any commercial constraints? What would they do in their spare time if they were asked to just come up with something fun? That is what OneBigGame's charity initiative--think Live Aid for video games--wants to accomplish by gathering a team of well-respected developers from all across the industry. The nonprofit publisher and distributor has gathered several talented designers and developers to contribute to the initiative. These include Masaya Matsuura (Parappa), David Perry (Earthworm Jim), and Charles Cecil (Broken Sword). Keep an eye out for what they have coming up because more than 15 games are currently in development. The first game to be completed, though, is a musical puzzler called Chime, which comes from the mind of Steve Curran, a creative director at SingStar and developer at Zoe Mode. Martin de Ronde from OneBigGame stopped by our office to tell us about his organization, as well as show us what people come up with when given complete freedom to design a game."

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