Dragon Age: Origins: PC vs. PS3 video comparison

A video comparing the PC version and Playstaion 3 versions of Dragon Age: Origins.

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xg-ei8ht3270d ago

Close, would like to see in HD.

hotgamergirl3270d ago

Where's the 360 version in this comparison?

Darkstorn3270d ago

They already did a 360 comparison, it's on N4G I believe.
The PC version will always have better graphics, I don't see the point of comparing them in this way.

jjohan353270d ago

Why did they not support keyboard/mouse for the PS3?

Chris3993270d ago

Very impressive for Bioware's first (that we know of, ME 1 or 2 is probably in the works) PS3 title.

Great developers. I was iffy on this game until the reviews started pouring in, and while I usually don't give an iota of weight to a reviewer's opinion, the sentiments seem to be unanimous in this case.

Waiting for damned EB to call! (Canadian, we always get cross border shipping delays.)

peeps3270d ago

"Why did they not support keyboard/mouse for the PS3? "

i guess it would mean having to develop both the console interface and k&m interface when it's much easier for them to just dev the console interface for both the 360 and ps3

3270d ago
Harry_Manback3270d ago

Both the Ps3 and PC each have their own games which are graphically superior while compared to this game.

HDgamer3270d ago

On consoles certain individuals feel that their version is superior because of graphic comparisons and derail from the fact the gameplay is pretty much the same as well.

TheSadTruth3270d ago

WOW THE CELL IS AMAZING, the power of the cell with its advanced emotion engine capabilities blow the PC out of the water

only on n4g...

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Delta3270d ago

LOL PC owns PS3 graphically.

Godmars2903270d ago

And the open zone is that way >>>

Typical-Guy3270d ago

you do realize that PS3 is a console with limited RAM and processing powers. if not then so much for your time in school.

Delta3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Its the truth I'm not bashing or nothing. I'm getting it for PS3 cause i don't have a good PC.

Delta3270d ago

Durr, im just stating the obvious. PC is always better 99.9% of the time.

Tony P3270d ago

Everyone knows the PC handles and plays the game best. The devs infer it, reviews state it, and video confirms it. No one EVER wants to admit the PC version looks better. It's always "unfair" and PC gamers are "elitists" for saying so.

Geez. Just give credit where it's due and enjoy your game. It's pathetic to read everyone try to take away from certain versions so they can feel they bought "the best".

sorceror1713270d ago

Yeah, the PC is for the best graphics, the most complex and responsive interfaces... and the highest cost, most technical issues and, all too often, most obnoxious DRM.

The consoles are for decent graphics, standardized interfaces... and lower cost and trouble.

There are people who prefer the PC, and people who prefer the console, and even those who don't care. The PC is always going to have better graphics, and you're always going to pay more for that. If it's worth it to you, and you have (or are) decent tech support - go for it, Mazel Tov!

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xg-ei8ht3270d ago

If you call that owning, i just gotta ROFL.

It's close even in the low quality vid, PS3 eats the 360 version alive. 360 = old tech.

PC = expensive tech. look at the machine u need to run it

Fishy Fingers3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

PS3 holding it's own just fine. Of course it would be a different story comparing their respected highest resolutions.

Bioware seem to have a good handle on the PS3 seeing this is their first game.

Edit: Unintentional reply, meant to be a stand alone post. Sorry.

TheIneffableBob3270d ago

A great PC isn't that expensive anymore. You can get a machine with a quad-core, 4GB of RAM, and an HD 4850 for around $600.

Mantiz3270d ago

Which is only twice as much as the current gen consoles LOL, and with them you get the benefit of not missing out on games like Uncharted 2, !nFamous, MGS4, HALO 3 ODST, Ratchet & Clank, etc... etc... with that extra 300$ I would buy a netbook and have the best of both worlds, or a sound system for that matter. Fact is if your looking for the most fun Playing a game ( Not staring at it ) then consoles have, and will always win, hands down.

LONEWOLF2313270d ago

lol, i feel bad for you REALLY i do.
Till i see a comparison between the PS3 and 360 version i call your words fanboy foolishnes!

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Godmars2903270d ago

Any reason they just didn't combine video of all three versions?

BeachBar693270d ago

Still would rather play it on my couch on the flatty. I even got a badass pc (played AoC on highest settings) its alright but im not into the keyboard and mouse deal, always liked the controller console deal. Although i do miss the CS days on 56k lol.

And ya where is the 360's, not that i care but if your gonna roll out the carpet. Lets get them all out there.