G4 - Dragon Age: Origins PC Review

G4 writes: "Dragon Age is a brilliant, if slightly predictable, addition to BioWare's stable of RPG classics. It suffers from a few problems with plotting and world building but ultimately triumphs, offering a classic RPG experience that can hold its head high with any of BioWare's previous games."

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MasterBlaster3271d ago

oooooo ahhhhhhh

Too bad my pc couldn't even play Pong properly. I guess I'll have to settle for the 360 version.

skbkoy653270d ago

i have the 360 version an the load times are no longer than 5 seconds at the most but i installed it to my harddrive

Raf1k13270d ago

Apparently it's optimised for an install but it's good that load times are low.

NecrumSlavery3270d ago

I'm getting it for PS3. How long is this game? Are the sidequests open like Fallout or set within the mainstory like KOTOR?

jmd7493270d ago

60+ hours, not including all of the side quests.
i'll have to pick this game up at some point, pc version for me.

Fade_Walker3270d ago

Dragon Age is my new crack!

It feels like the good old days of KOTOR 1 (I’m sure it feels like Baulder’s Gate for other people).

wollie3270d ago

this game makes me so happy.

it only it were completely turn based... well then i would be in heaven.