Top Candidates for Game of the Year 2009

GB writes: "Ok, ok, I know year 2009 is still not over and we still have many great games which are yet to come out. Any case this is our list of the candidates which according to us are the most eligible games one of which could be the Game of the Year 2009. The list also contains games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed 2 which are not released yet, but they got listed here since we all know they look very promising."

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gameseveryday3275d ago

I hope, Dragon Age origins gets some consideration since Bioware has done a great job with that game.

StanLee3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

How can you even include Halo 3: ODST on that list a be thought credible? Forza 3 deserves mention. It has been on of the best games this year and by far the best racing simulator with strong competition in the genre from Need For Speed Shift and Dirt 2. Uncharted 2 is this year's Game of the Year unless the Modern Warfare 2 hype train derails the little common sense and integrity the gaming media has left.

Edit @ below

If anything, I'm more likely to be called an XBox 360 fanboy here than a PS3 fanboy. You could take a poll and many would confirm this. Halo 3: ODST does not deserve any consideration as a Game of the Year candidate.

Mindboggle3275d ago

Stop being a fanboy, Halo is easily a candidate. Just because it wasnt new doesnt mean it wasnt good.

Either way who cares, it will either be Uncharted 2 or Modern Warefare 2 which will win. I know Uncharted 2 was awesome, but i know ill still be playing MW2 throughout 2010, whereas i wont still be playing Uncharted 2.

execution173275d ago

considering ODST was short, it should HAVE been DLC and isn't worth mentioning for GOTY honors

StanLee3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

My Game of the Year candidates this year so far are;

1.Batman: Arkham Asylum ( . . . such a fantastic thrill ride though the ending underwhelmed.)

2. Empire Total War ( . . . I don't know why PC games don't ever get as much consideration for GOTY. This year has been one of the better years for PC gaming.)

3. FIFA Soccer 10 ( . . . kudos to EA for quality. The game is vastly improved from what was an already great FIFA Soccer 09.)

4. Forza Motorsport 3 ( . . . even with competition from Dirt 2 and Need For Speed Shift, it's one of the year's best games and the year's best racing simulator.)

5. GTAIV: Episodes From Liberty City ( . . . as a retail package, it contains more content than any game this year and for $40, it's a value that can't be beat.)

6. Uncharted 2 ( . . . I would be lying if I said I'd played a better game this year. It's this year's definitive gaming experience.)

Arsenal4Ever3275d ago

FIFA 10? LOL bug ridden game. Even after the patch there are still 70 bugs unfixed.

Mindboggle3275d ago

PS3 fanboys on here are pathetic. We all know Modern Warefare 2 will still be the most played game on PSN, just like how COD4 and COD5 still is.

nycredude3275d ago


I have to agree with Stanlee here. Did you just join N4g. Stanlee is usually more of a 360 fan. This is in fact the first time I kind of agree with him.

Mindboggle3275d ago

Ive probably been on N4G longer than you. I always used to post, but i havent in a while as this place has become a joke. Its full of retards, and PS3 fanboys. Ive noticed alot of regulars who used to be here are gone aswell.

hotgamergirl3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Not a bad list, but some games don't deserve to be there. Batman Arkham Asylum, and Halo ODST. Batman was great, but it got so much extra hype just for being a really good superhero game. Batman was enjoyable but not GOTY, however it's fighting for Best Action game against InFamous. Halo ODST, is still DLC in my mind and that's why it doesn't belong not that DLC can't be GOTY, but because this DLC has done enough to compete with the other candidates.

Uncharted 2 should win as of now since I haven't played Dragon Age, Modern Warfare 2, or Assassin's Creed 2. Left 4 Dead 2 is a hard GOTY candidate for me as well. It's so fun, but unless there's a lot more to it than the first L4D other than new campaigns and zombies then I can't see it winning GOTY. So good luck Uncharted.

I forgot about Killzone 2, it was the best shooter so far, since again I haven't played MW2 yet.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3275d ago

Uncharted 2 should get it but the big sites like IGN are afraid to give an exclusive GotY.

Example: FallOut 3 was not even close to as good as MGS4 but IGN gave it GotY. They gave FallOut 3 a 9.4 and MGS4 a perfect 10 but they still gave the award to FallOut 3. IGN was afraid to give an exclusive GotY due to the potential backlash from the others consoles' fanboys.

Oh yeah, this list fails since it has ODST ROFL! I have all 1,000 gamerscore for it, so I know what I'm talking about, and I can honestly say it was extremely boring after a week. Firefight was possibly the WORST version of Horde/Zombie mode and the campaign was too short. 7/10 IMO.

LazyDevs3275d ago

Dragon Age Origins, seriously you are high no doubt. Or better yet just say Wii fit or something or some kind of wii party game would be better. Uncharted 2 clearly wins this one.

callahan093275d ago

Demon's Souls is without question, undeniably my game of the year.

Ravage273275d ago

sadly, KZ2 will have little chance of winning thanks to the mw2 hype.

Seriously, if odst wins GoTY, the awards should be abolished till it actually means something. I have this feeling that GoTY nominations are leaning more towards popular games with tons of hype instead of rewarding excellence.

ABizzel13275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Mindboggle I agree with you completely this site has gone to hell due to an infestation of fanboys. n4g needs an exterminator to get rid of all the pest on here.

JoySticksFTW3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I think it should go to UC2 (it's f'n EPIC on a MGS4 lvl), but Demon's Souls is the game that I can't stop playing

C'mon people! We need more messages (and recommendations!) in our games of DS


And Batman was amazing. I wouldn't be surprised to see this get GotY because it was the game to finally get the feel of Batman right

SaiyanFury3274d ago

@Mindboggle, a recent article on here showed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was being kind of coldly received on the PS3. No doubt it's a good game, but there are so many games that span many genres this holiday season that more people on the PS platform are spread out. Personally, I have no interest in it. I've got Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank Future 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and I'm looking forward to Assassin's Creed 2. Since I've never actually player AC2, I can't speak about it. But I've had the Asian version of Demon's Souls since February of this year and it's been amazing as far as RPGs go. Uncharted 2 rocks as does R&CF2, but my vote ultimately goes to Demon's Souls for ultimately doing what most RPGs are afraid to do this gen around; kick your ass in any way possible. You need to struggle to survive and when you finally manage to overcome a boss, you're left with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Demon's Souls' single aim is to kill you. It does it in any way possible. You need to persevere and overcome many obstacles. It's the hardest of the hardcore this year and for good reason. So many people are loving it. Good on FROM Software with delivering something this good. Uncharted 2? Awesome game, with great cinematics, and good on the others. But for the single, most hardcore experience, Demon's Souls wins for me. I can only hope that FROM delivers another King's Field based on the success they are enjoying from Demon's Souls.

O2_Addict3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Uncharted 2 is arguably the most perfectly created game ever made, from graphics and animations to story-telling and cinematic quality. It set's such a high benchmark for quality and sheer visual prowess that competing titles, no matter how good, will struggle to impress.

Demon's Soul is easily the most innovative game of the year (or last few years). In one fell swoop it completely transforms the gameplay expectations for an entire genre. It's revolutionary. Any one who has played Demon's Soul will never be satisfied with anything less ever again.

Killzone 2 is a absolute technical marvel (particles from explosions that bounce off the environment and cast light! Smoke that responds to wind and rotor blades!) and completely changes how an FPS game is experienced with realistic weight, animations and incredibly immersive audio/video but the really bad script and voice-work keeps it from being at the very top.

O2_Addict3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

doesn't mean it deserves a low review score. Xbox360 sequels are always scored on merit + 0.5 points.

PS3 sequels, on the other hand, have to provide a range of innovations in order to receive a top score from many reviewers like IGN and Eurogamer. However, they must take care to avoid having too many innovations because can actually reduce the score given by reviewers like Gamespot. Plus there's the customary -0.5 deduction for any PS3 game.

O2_Addict3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Another technical marvel, which, like Killzone 2, effortlessly accomplishes things that the PS3 is supposedly bad at like huge amounts of transparent surfaces, huge polygon counts, etc, while doing things the PS3 is known to be good at, like animation, physics, etc... yet this game runs at a blistering 60fps!

Easily the most technically accomplished game of it's kind. Then again, whats the competition ... Banjo Kazooie? What a joke.

Lack of competition aside, it's a great game with humor and heart but falls just short of the top level because of of two games that have defined and redefined their respective genre's respectively (not a typo), Uncharted 2 and Demon's Soul.

gaffyh3274d ago

No inFAMOUS = Fail. inFAMOUS is probably better than most of the games on that list.

solidt123274d ago

If i had to vote today (games already out) the top three games would be
1. Uncharted 2
2. Killzone 2
3. Resident Evil 5

But it will be between Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 unless some other game surprises everyone which i doubt.

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SL1M DADDY3275d ago

Can't believe they even bothered to put Halo: ODST on the list. Shame on them.

gameseveryday3275d ago

May be, but there were some great games like Batman and Killzone 2. But i agree UC2 has a great chance.

FiftyFourPointTwo3275d ago

WTF? Why is that 60$ expansion flop there?

gameseveryday3275d ago

I guess Halo 3 ODST desrves, its halo after all!

spongeboob3274d ago

So it gets a free pass because it says Halo on the box. Yeah that makes sense. NOT!