Microsoft: Zune exceeds targets, sells 1m, still work to be done

Personally I find it difficult to believe that the Zune was only released last November, but I guess that's the side-effect of big rumour run-up periods. Anyway, Microsoft set themselves the goal of selling one million of the little buggers in six months, and according to Entertainment and Devices Decision President Robbie Back they've actually done it already.

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THWIP4785d ago

for a revision/redesign and a price drop.

Violater4785d ago

same here, but i doubt that will help.

ITR4785d ago

1 million down 99 million to go.

I believe the iPod is over the 100 million mark already.

THWIP4785d ago

...and the "big picture". They don't have to "catch up" to Apple. MP3 players are a disposable commodity, much like cell phones. MS knows consumers in this market, will own 3-5 different mp3 players (minimum) in their lifetime, and are planning on sneaking into the market via newcomers, and those shopping for their "next". As an entry level product, that was no more than a re-skinned Toshiba, a $250 million start isn't bad for "the new guy". ;)

God of Gaming4785d ago

Good for them.. the Zune is a great piece of hardware, hopefully they can continue to build on this momentum.

FeralPhoenix4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

If you think their going to catch iPods anytime soon then you are truly delusional....its about market share, and M$ is just trying to "steal" a small percent of iPods dominant market share. -What's wrong with that? The goal is to make a sizeable profit, many many business's are very successful but they are not the market leader. -Hell, Wal-Mart is the undisputed king of bargain retailers, but many others like Target are having alot of success, even though their market share is far behind Wal-Mart....which is why 3(maybe more) consoles CAN co-exist and be successful because if enough Gamers support them they all can be profitable, UNfortunately only one (1) can be the market leader= FORTUNATEly the "war", means its a good time to be a Gamer!

SF49er4084785d ago

I had an ipod and a zune and the zune is waaaayyy better. 14.99 for every song you could ever want. Huge screen, i can put 49ers on my backround. Just like the xbox ms has a 20 year plan. they cant really lose. the market is far larger then 100 mil. there are nearly 1 billion people who can afford one and thats alot of people. if anything 500 million. they are even updating it soon to let us wirelessly download movies, music, pics, etc. then they put games on it and merge it with the 360 and put my gamertag and gamerscore on there. i can see whose online and playing. sick. watching all my game videos on widescreen is dope and the thing is 200$ now. the ipod is a rip off. small little screen and everyone has one. zunes only gonna get better. ms too rich to stop and they have a plan to take over our video games, mp3 players and living room.

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The story is too old to be commented.