The Hug Button

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews considers the uniqueness of A Boy and his Blob's 'hug button', and argues that more violent games should take notice of this redundant but adorable design feature.

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cain1413271d ago

Once I finish my current backlog, I will probably check out a boy and his blob...

Disciplyne3271d ago

There are buttons for praising and playing with your dog in Fable II. I felt that really added to the fun and immersion too!

mr durand pierre3271d ago

Good call. I'd nearly forgotten about that. Maybe because there were so many sim-like elements in that game that it didn't stick out as much. In Blob it was the only one and the game was otherwise very simple.

shoinan3271d ago

There was still some consequence to being nice or nasty to your dog, it wasn't totally redundant.

SlamVanderhuge3271d ago

I liked the little touches in the town of Uncharted 2. Kicking the soccer ball, petting the goat, etc. Cool, little touches

Krud3271d ago

Yeah, in a world of "Achievements", a relatively useless button sticks out like a sore thumb. Or since sore thumbs aren't that unusual (in my gaming experience), I guess it's much more apropos to say it sticks out like a random hug.

NeverforgetNES3271d ago

Sometimes, I wish there was a hug button in life. lol