Infinity Ward 'don't feel tied to making Call of Duty games'

ConnectedConsoles: Infinity Ward (from what we know) are really all about Call of Duty. Though they have admitted that they will move on to making a new IP when the experience of making the games isn't fun any more.

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Darkeyes3273d ago

Seriously, who in their right mind will be tired off making more than a billion dollars once every 2 years? I would even break rocks in a prison round the clock if someone gave me that much money.

itchy183273d ago

they should make a brand new ip

Swiftfox3273d ago

If Activision has anything to say about it, Infinity Ward WILL have fun with it for many many more installments.

carajito3273d ago

I first liked this site because it was a useful place where all the news were together in one covinient pleace.

Now it is just too cluttered. Too many "news".
All this info comes from an interview that was posted here. The one about the budget came from this one too.

Come on N4g go back to your roots.

CrippleH3273d ago

Modern Warfare is pretty much COD with a different name...