PlanetXbox360: Band Hero - Review


"Band Hero includes a lengthy career mode, Rockfest mode, Elimination, Sing-Along, Perfectionist, Do-or-Die, and a ton of other gameplay modes that push the social gaming envelope. Many (if not all) of them are focused on making sure a group of people has fun (or at least the main player has fun). Considering how many music-based video games there are making the rounds right now the most important thing Band Hero had to succeed at was variety. Our time with BH took place only weeks after we reviewed Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5 so we were quite sure boredom would come quickly. To our surprise we couldn't put the instruments (and microphone) down, easily plowing through all 70+ tracks and even going back for seconds on a couple of our favorites. Of course because of the type of music available in Band Hero we cannot share with you any of those favorite songs, otherwise we would lose all credibility as a man. To be honest we never even expected to like this game - however Band Hero ended-up being our favorite music-based game of this year, in terms of simple fun-factor. If you have been waiting for a music game that is a bit different than the others and includes the best playlist of pop-songs, put on a disguise and go pick-up Band Hero."

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