SEMA 2009 Show: New GT5 Screenshots

15 new HD screenshots for GT5 have been released in occasion of the SEMA 2009 Car Show.

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Typical-Guy4408d ago

Am I the only one not excited about this game or even any racing game.
I'll wait and see if GT5 will change that.

sinncross4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

If you are not excited in either GT5 or Modnation Racer... then racing games are clearly not your genre.

Regardless, GT5 is looking incredible:

Typical-Guy4408d ago

I used to be a fan of racing games but thanks to EA and need for " shiat " . but as I said I have to try GT5 , MODnation is really fun I want this game so much .

GamerSciz4408d ago

My Alt Link source is mistitled horribly, computer had an issue when submitting it. Regardless, these screens look amazing! I just want to see more footage of the game itself, maybe with some updated damage models?