Analyst: DJ Hero Sales 'Modest,' Consumers Resisting Games Over $100

With retail sales for video games "sluggish" in general, it's a less-than-ideal time to launch an expensive game, and Activision's DJ Hero may be feeling the impact of consumer resistance, says Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian.

Although game sales are "stable," the analyst says, sell-through of DJ Hero looks to be "modest" so far in the U.S., out of step with its high ratings. The music title, equipped with a turntable peripheral, retails for $119.99 for its basic edition, with its special "Renegade" edition at $199.99.

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Chris3993323d ago

"Resistant" to games that cost the same as a current gen console.

Gee, buy one game or a PS3/ 360/ Wii?

Tough decision.

Activision's hubris is gonna kick them in the arse.