The Vent: Fall From Grace

DualShockers writes:

"The beauty of a great game series is the ability to withstand time. It is the ability to renew itself in the next generation, and to continue being leaders of the industry. This week I want to talk about the game series that were once amazing, but who have fallen to the bottom of the food chain. Games that are simply living off the past. Their sales are solely dependent on its name alone. The companies that make these games don't really try anymore, they just try to get games out every month to make quick money, and could care less about the long and loyal fan base. I want to talk about 3 game series who have fallen from grace. And I want to talk about the problems, and possible solutions for each..."

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Chadness4468d ago

Mario Kart Wii disappointed me, as well. Still a decent game, though, but I agree with your points.

iiprotocolii4468d ago

I would definitely have to agree with the points he made about Mortal Kombat. I recall the series being unique in just about every way compared to other fighters out there. Sure, it was exaggerated and a bit over the top, but that's what made the game great. Had they stuck to that formula, things might have been different. Then again, with the amount of MKs they were releasing, things just seemed repetitive. They were, at one point, really trying to milk the name.

Grevan4468d ago

Not on Mario Kart, not just yet that is. The series is still a child, compared to the other two games. Sure it has been out on earlier platforms like Super Nintendo, but it took a long break between that to Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii.

Here's why I think it has gotten worse for the Wii. Sure the graphics suck, it's the Wii. Also the demographics for the Wii has changed, more family oriented is its base. The people who created Mario Kart for the Wii had to take that into effect, which means slower driving, easier and non-creative stages that would make us gamers weep, and the childish multiplayer system. Wait a little, wait for the developers to make more Mario Kart games, and we'll see where they end up, either for better or for worse.

But at this moment in time, with the limited games created for that franchise, it is hard to tell which direction they are heading.

Grevan4468d ago

Good story. These games need to fix themselves to the way they used to be.

BROOKLYN N-M-E4468d ago

I don't think there's hope for Sonic, at all. Even with the 2D reboot on it's way!

BROOKLYN N-M-E4468d ago

There are a boatload of titles that are made mostly to bank in on their nostalgic value.

taz80804468d ago

Too many times developers try to milk franchices for their n ostalgic value!

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