Eurogamer: Need For Speed: Nitro Review

Even the distinction between car classes fails to develop the gameplay, and within the first half an hour you feel like you've seen pretty much everything the game has to offer. It might scream 'excitement' at the top of its tiny lungs, then, but Need For Speed: Nitro's initially endearing zest quickly degenerates into repetitive strain. Making an Wii exclusive for a casual audience is one thing, but stripping the game of any substance whatsoever won't do its chances any good either.

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EvilTwin3269d ago

5/10. Youch.

GP gave it 80 (but didn't seem to realize there's more than one control option), and this one says the game has a lack of depth. That's kinda bound to happen with arcade racers, though.

I wanna see a few more reviews on this one.