Don't PS3 Gamers Like Modern Warfare 2? writes:

I was just looking at the American preorder chart, and the numbers seemed strange. I am comparing the number of PS3 preorders to the number of 360 preorders, as a percentage:

Modern Warfare 2 – 38%
Dragon Age: Origins – 54%
Assassin's Creed II – 69%
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 88%
Tony Hawk: Ride – 89%
Dante's Inferno – 100.4%

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ipwnall3972d ago

We're busy with Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, and R&C ACiT. Also, Glitch Warefare 2 doesn't hold a candle next to any of the 6 AAA games released for the PS3 this year. How many have Xbot's had? 1?

Pirateogta3972d ago

The same exact amount, according to MetaCritic.

Xbox 360

Street Fighter IV (93)
Batman: Arkham Asylum (92)
Forza Motorsport 3 (92) *EXCLUSIVE*
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (91) *EXCLUSIVE*
FIFA Soccer 10 (91)
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (90) *EXCLUSIVE*


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (96) *EXCLUSIVE*
Street Fighter IV (94)
FIFA Soccer 10 (91)
Killzone 2 (91) *EXCLUSIVE*
Batman: Arkham Asylum (91)
MLB 09: The Show (90) *EXCLUSIVE*

And don't say anything about TLAD and TBoGT being expansions, because they have more gameplay content and higher presentation values than almost every game in this list.

ipwnall3971d ago

No, they don't. They're expansion packs. Just because they take a previous game and mix the elements around, doesn't make it a game. Same thing about FO3 expansion packs. And Pirate, Demon's Souls, Infamous, R&C ACit, and the two halo's that came out this year should be on that list.

nightelfmohawk3971d ago

If I decide to buy it, I'll get it used for cheap off craigslist.

Valkyria Chronicles
Killzone 2
Street Fighter 4
Batman: AA
Demon's Souls
Uncharted 2
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
God of War III: Ultimate Edition
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (for $39.99 from target)
God of War Collection
Dragon Age: Origins (superior version over 360)


I have enough games on my plate this year.

komp3972d ago

I guess were not too stupid, thats why.

Why have burgers when we have steak on the Menu.

ipwnall3972d ago

Could not have said it better.

LiquifiedArt3972d ago

We have the variety and high quality experiences. Why settle for another COD shooter? I'm on newgame+ in Demon's Souls and it was a great adventure!

I plan on buying Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank. I just bought Borderlands and bought NGSII last month. I'm pretty set for my gaming.

ravinash3972d ago


Is anyone else finding something wrong with the maths?

Hideo_Kojima3972d ago

Well PS3 players tend to be more spread out through genres while 360 owners tend to lean towards FPS more.

Also Uncharted 2 and the other exclusives have left some of us with empty pockets.

Rock Bottom3972d ago

A major reason is also that PS3 owners wait for games, especially if they're overpriced.

PinkUni3972d ago

its cause we're smarter
multiplayer with openworld, destruction, vehicles, and squad based teams

mw2 is for full of gimmicks instead of real gameplay changes that take alot of mathematical programming to do like vehicle physics and structural physics.

Elaine Benes3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

360 or PC. Mainly 360.
Nothing to get upset about.
But im sure some people will *cough*sony fanboys*cough*.

leila013972d ago

Wait till you see the numbers...

PS3's best selling game yet is Modern Warfare and from the looks of it Modern Warfare 2 is going to outsell it.

so, stop hating kid and respect other people's opinions.

Elvfam5113972d ago

people calling other people kid on the internet

^off topic

On topic

Meh i got cod mw no need for MW2

BiggCMan3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

I can say a few reasons
1. Killzone 2
2. Uncharted 2
3. Ratchet and Clank (for some)
4. God of War collection
5. Demons Souls
6. Multiplatform titles better than MW2 like AC2, BC2, Tekken 6 etc...

XxZxX3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

have you look at the variety we have? we rather wait and see. Pre-order is stupid because it just commit us to that game. We have so much choice now, we don't know what to get. We don't rush it.

divideby03972d ago

bubble up KOMP for so elegantly stating the obvious, except to the author who is just clueless

yea, after Demons Souls, UC2, RnC.... and playing the MAG beta...
COD can wait...

pixelsword3972d ago

Anyone else notices when a PS3 exclusive FPS comes out, there's a slew of "ANOTHER FPS game?" and "We're sick of FPS"; but when... ahem, ANOTHER FPS GAME comes out that multiplatform, everyone jumps on the numbers game and point to the PS3's version in terms of "not selling well"?

With three AAA exclusive games, all three using the cell processor properly, mind you, what makes anyone think that Modern Warfare 2, a game that not only is overpriced, but insults gamers with it's overall presentation, is worth getting at full price?

chaosatom3972d ago

Dante's Inferno – 100.4%

LOL. Do they even check what they post.

NicCageMYHero3972d ago

I think they mean PS3 preorders as a % of 360 preorders. Meaning in the COD case that if 100 people preordered MW2 360, only 38 people preordered MW2 PS3. With the 100.4%, if 1000 people preordered it on 360, 1004 preordered in on PS3.

Exias3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

The 100.4% can be correct. He's comparing PS3 preorders to 360. Just means that the PS3 has slightly more preorders than the 360 for that game. If it was 200%, then the PS3 would have 2X the preorders than the 360.

Edit: you beat me by a millisecond Nic

Fel3972d ago


"I am comparing the number of PS3 preorders to the number of 360 preorders, as a percentage."

Therefore, 1004 PS3, 1000 Xbox.... 1004:1000 = 100.4%

/math and reading lesson

BeachBar693972d ago

Who cares i got my preorder, actually 3 preorders, so i help out a litlle lol.

JsonHenry3972d ago

Why does anyone preorder any game? It is letting them have your money interest free for up to six months in some cases.

cmrbe3972d ago

I said to be a GOW clone so i am sure most PS fans are looking forward to it. Despite what people say i think its a big compliment if a game is a GOW clone. I am definatley getting DI as well. If its half as good as GOW then its a first day buy. I am sure it will be a great game as its done by the same people that made Dead Space which is one of the most underrated game this gen in the same vein as Uncharted 1.

Darkstorn3972d ago

I'm sure Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game, but I have no interest in it. I'm too busy replaying MGS4 and all the rest of the PS3's awesome exclusives. Uncharted 2 is amazing as well.

AKNAA3972d ago

I will answer your question with a question....
Why don't PS3 owners like FPS as much as 360 owners?? answer that and you will get your answer.

mikeslemonade3971d ago

The only game that will have supply issues is Modern Warfare 2. The other games don't have the hype.

Feral Gamer3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Sorry, but as a PS3 owner, I'll be pre-ordering MW2, AC2, Bad Company 2, and Dante's Inferno. I just picked up Dragon Age and am about to try it out.

"Why have burgers when we have steak on the Menu"

That's just ignorant. You have to admit that there are some good multi-plats coming out and to stick with just the exclusives means you miss out on quite a few good games. Yes Sony has some amazing developers on hand, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Quit being fanboys and accept that multi-plats can be fun. I'm so sick of the "I'm too busy playing UC2 and Demon's Souls" excuse. Grow the f*$k up!

PS3 owners like FPS just as much as 360 gamers. That's just a myth that the 360 is the FPS console. Look at all the hype around the Resistance and Killzone series.

FACTUAL evidence3971d ago

I don't think pre-orders mean Sh! reason why is that i never pre-order i just buy the game at launch. And i know plenty of others who does the same thing i do.

sikbeta3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

"Everyone is buying it for
360 or PC. Mainly 360.
Nothing to get upset about"

You are SO right, PC "gamers" are mainly shooter lovers and x360 owners don't have anything to play, at least you count ODST, but is SO short and overpriced for being THAT short or maybe F3, but this game is not a shooter and xbox owners don't like VARIETY, so is not make any sense at all

QUALITY > quantity

VARIETY > stuck genre

GAMERS > shooter/motion control lovers

PS3 > the "competition"


ElementX3971d ago

I agree. It seems like the PS3 fanboys are so adamant towards their exclusives that they are missing out on some good gaming opportunities. I owned a 360, sold it, now I'm a strictly PS3 owners (aside from handhelds). I love the exclusives, you just can't get any better graphics than Uncharted 2 right now, but to say that multi-plats aren't worth your time is just foolishness.

SL1M DADDY3971d ago

360 folks having nothing else to play... I for one am picking it up for the PS3 and PC. No sense in paying to play that game online when you can play it online for free on the PS3 and PC.

prunchess3971d ago

And that's Forza 3. The only other game any of them are going to buy for the rest of this year is MW2. They couldn't care less what they pay for it either. If Activision priced it at $99.99 they'd pay it.

AS a PS3 owner I've got plenty of FPSers, COD MW1, COD WAW, KZ2, Far Cry 2 and Resistance 1 + 2.

I'll be waiting for MAG to come out before I buy another.

If I come across a used copy of MW2 for about $20 I might buy it.


getonmylev3l3971d ago

simple. Uncharted 2 just came out.

Christopher3971d ago

Couldn't this mean that 360 gamers like MW2 above all others? Percentages don't show the truth.

kws10653971d ago

Simply, 360 users don't want to waste their money for Live Gold. I pretty much sure that most 360 users have already bought Live Gold for at least 1 year to play ODST or whatever.

And now what...They have to play online to keep up with what they have payed for. Result? Buying MW2 or whatever they can play on online for fun, but it's not Forza3 and that's all.

kws10653971d ago

Does MS try to play MW2 as if it is 360-exclusive? I remember that there are some bundle and limited edition of MW2 for 360.

ABizzel13971d ago

PS3 gamers are just different from 360 gamers. Not to mention there are almost twice as many 360 users in America meaning the PS3 percentage should be around 55% of what the 360 sells.

From these pre-order sells it's obvious PS3 gamer like Action games more than 360 gamers since the Dante's Inferno (God of War 2.5 for PS3 gamers) pre-order sells are more than the 360 (Good luck Bayonetta you chose the wrong console to do your best on).

Tony Hawk has always been on the PlayStation hardware since the PS1, so it'll do well from here on out.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 just looks absolutely amazing and EA has done a complete overhaul of the game and EA is also one of the developers who have come to grasp with the PS3 and want to get more out of it which is why it's so high up.

Assassin's Creed 1 was a great attempt by Ubisoft with the PS3. It was one of the better ports early in the consoles life, but it was boring so people are going to be more cautious this time around until they know for sure it's a better game.

Dragon Age is getting good reviews, but Bioware postponing the PS3 version then moving it back up rubbed a lot of them the wrong way, and their iffy about what went down. And PS3 owners already got a great RPG a month ago Demon's Souls and they may not be ready to move on yet (maybe a December).

Finally Modern Warfare 2. Activision talked crap about the PS3, and how if Sony didn't cut the price they weren't going to support the PS3 anymore. Activision has done nothing revolutionary this gen except Call of Duty: Modern Warfare every other game has been OK. Modern Warfare 2 seems like more of the same with slight tweaks to graphics and gameplay. Battlefield Bad Company looks like it 1uped everything Call of Duty is doing so PS3 gamers are willing to wait to get the better game (if BBC2 is better). All these thing put a damper on Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward needs to leave Activision and do their own thing. Oh and some people may be getting shooter fatigue. That's all the really comes out now shooter after shooter after shooter.

Genesis53971d ago

Bobby Kotick and his big mouth come to mind.

davekaos3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Lets be realistic here 360 owners have not had that many games this year compared to what ps3 owners have.
this will no doubt be the biggest game this year for any 360 owner so you can gaurantee that most of them will buy this game because of my first point.
like i said ps3 owners have had lots of good games come out this year so some of them will be either:
1. ill wait a few month's first i gotta finish the other games off
2. i dont need another fps i already have kz2 resistance 2 mw1
3. i am not paying over the odds for a game.

Wheras 360 owners will pay over the odds because this is he biggest game of the year for them


Dont get me wrong i am getting mw2 i really enjoyed the first 1 but honestly that does make sense


Also just realised but for those hardcore ps3 fanboys out there, they gotta be pissed @ activision, has any one seen any mw2 trailer or add whatever with the ps3 logo at the end of it??. like they showing no support to ps3 at all

Saaking3971d ago

When you have the best exclusives you don't have to settle for lousy multiplats.

Ravage273971d ago

it shows that unlike the 360 crowd, we have taste and will not buy merely because of (undeserved)hype. Face it, quality FPS are a dime a dozen, and mw2 has nero-zero outstanding qualities minus away the hype machine.

WonderboyIII3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


What is happening today with gamers. I had a fight yesterday with a friend of mine as he was making fun of Microsoft for not selling Bayonetta as much as Sony was in Japan. Really, what constructive results are achieved with such limited vision? Gamers are people who love all good games. That is the defintion. How can Uncharted 2 compensate for MW2, its not like they are simiar genres or games, they are both amazing games as I have got my hands on both (yes the pirate version, but I am buying it when it comes out because it's that good). How can demon's soul fill in the gap of the new GTA DLC? Why pass on Forza 3 if it is already here and is a good game? What is wrong with the other console having a good game? I dont understand why a gamer will refuse to touch gears of war, or left for dead just because its not on PS3, and the opposite is true. However this site is starting to get on my nerves. It is almost time to change its name from n4g to n4f (new for fanboys). Their is something weird going on and its sickening. People passing games that score 90+ just because they are on some other console. I owned a NES and SNES, PS2 and DC, XBOX1 and PS2 and now 360 and PS3 and will continue to buy all consoles because I am a gamer and you guys are fanboys.

DaTruth3971d ago

Even the last time around I was playing Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted:DF and Lair. Considering what Warhawk online has to offer, running around shooting just seemed a little bland!

XxZxX3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

hey WonderboyIII, having a fight with your friend over XBOX 360's bayo didnt do well in Japan is really hardcore fanboyish. So when you mention fanboys, you are talking about yourself right.

Dude even though I love PS3, I haven't got a fight with my xbox 360 friends at all. We jokingly trading punches but never get into a fight or a heated arguments over this man. So you tell me, who is the real fanboy.

ia_studio3971d ago

FPS for pc in my case, since it wont have dedicated servers why to bother.

I dig variety there's way too many FPS.

Ownejj3971d ago

haha u cant hav playstation "gamers"

BWS19823971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

to allude to why I'm delaying getting this game: Activision are a bunch of a-holes and Bobby Kotick is their supreme commander, he's a douche amongst douches, and doesn't deserve a dollar from me just yet, I'm waiting for a bit before I consider that game. As to why PS3 pre-orders aren't up? I can only guess, but perhaps more PS3 gamers are either spending money on other games as has been noted, are a different kind of gamer (which is true), or the install base is a reasoning. This doesn't even touch on how underwhelming the game appears to me, it looks like Modern Warfare 1.5, and they've had a whole 2 years.

I mean it, I became sickened by Kotick's words and rants, and I'm showing it with my wallet.

WonderboyIII3971d ago

Dont assume you know the argument that I had with him. He was a blind hater. I have all the consoles. He just refused to buy a 360 after he had his first RROD. Now since he had it modified to play copies, he knew the risk. Now he just bashes the 360 for no reason, and I, love my 360 and ps3 equally. It is not like the 360 gives me better BJ's I love both consoles. My Jasper is a hard fighter and has never broken on me. And if it does, the warranty provider is 5 minutes away from me, I can get my 360 fixed in less than a week. I hate blind haters. All types and kinds. MW2 is a great FPS (on 360 or PS3). I have been playing killzone 2 and MW2 at the same time and gameplay, MW2 sure rocks hard. To pass it, saying uncharted is here, is like a 360 guy saying he will pass GOW3 on ps3 because Forza 3 is here. See the issue?

nordberg3971d ago

Probably 250 preorders for the PS3 and 1 xbox fans do not want this game. In fact, he really don't want it, so he pay 60$ to not have it to EA.

-250 preorders for Ps3
- -1 preorders for xbox
249 total sales

100.4% for the PS3, that's an amazing number! Why not posting 'Don't XBOX360 Gamers Like Dante’s Inferno' instead????

Hoggy19833971d ago

Amusing that alot of those agreeing with those stating "us PS3 gamers aren't buying MW2 becasue we're not stupid" cannot understand simple maths.

BWS19823971d ago

it's odd that you cannot understand simple English: "maths" is not a word. I agree with the concept purported, that 100.4 % is attainable in statistical breakdowns, though, so whatever, like I said, no disrespect meant, but you kinda nullified your own intelligence-based argument (though I'll admit English may be your second language). Can't you admit that Kotick is a Sony-hating A-hole, though, he did kind of ask for it, if that does happen to be the reason, know what I mean? He's a flat out jerk.

Seriously, it's not that hard of a concept people, the attach rates are pretty equal when you consider time on the market for each console, so it DOES compute somehow.

seedaripper19733971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

@ BWS1982

Over here in the UK (you know, where the english language derives from), we abbreviate mathematics, to 'maths' and not how the americans bastardise (see no Z's)
our language, as in 'math'.Hope this clears it up for you old chap!

Ta ta for now ;)

ID IR A G 0 N3971d ago

every game that comes out on the ps3 doesnt sell as well as it should and all the ps3 idiots do is come in here and put spin on why they dont play games. it took uncharted practically a month to get 1 mil in sales... not very good considering the quality of the game and all the talk you morons do. killzone flopped, mag is garbage, so what do you have that 360 doesnt? a bunch of half assed exclusives that no one buys. there are like 3 or 4 awesome games on the ps3 and after that just a bunch of fluff that fanboys brag about but dont play. at least the 360 community plays the games that come out. ps3 fanboys wonder why companies give them less support.

you can wait for mag it you want, but have fun playing with a pretty barren community, cause the game sucks bad. a lot of hype for nothing, but hey its a ps3 game, so i expect the overhype

flankhim3971d ago

Everybody knows the ps3 cant handle great shooters like the 360 can.

Xgamerzus3971d ago

MOW2 get it on PC, beat it next Please!!
Bottom line it's old tech , sorry but xbox360 ports are and old low def engines have no place on a Console that can do true 1080p , Also it is a PC game and 360 owners know that their beloved 360 is a dated low def budget PC and all it will ever get are PC games.SO they cling to every PC game out there..

The END3970d ago

could be the dumbest thing i have heard this week... congrats on that achievement..

BWS19823970d ago

I know I'm not stupid (as Hoggy likes to PM about), uninitiated about EVERY single characteristic of "British English" perhaps, but definitely not stupid. Trust me, I'm more educated on it than many of my fellow Americans, and I am man enough to admit a wrong, so I guess I stand corrected. Doesn't mean anything to me that I'm not perfect, I knew that, no eye-opening revelation there. Exposure is different from intelligence, and anyone here who truly is intelligent will know that.

Provided there was no sarcasm hidden in your post, I commend you for your courtesy. We can only be aware of what we've experienced and learned from.

BWS19823970d ago

yes, I'm fully briefed on how you over the pond use an "s" in place of a "z" in many words. I could list literally hundreds of differences I've noticed in writings, literature, and slang, but this "abbreviation" slipped by. I've never been to Europe, let alone England, and conversely, I'm betting you over there couldn't pick out every nuance in our "bastardized" language. I'm sure it's a forgivable transgression.

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NateNater3972d ago

Ahh here we go again. PS3 gamers have a vast amount of games to play at the moment. Sure, we like our MW2 but theres just a bunch of other games out there to play right now too.

Like right now I'm too busy with Tekken 6, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet & Clank:ACIT. I'm also looking into Demons Souls and a few other games. So for me, MW2 can on hold on for a while. Plus, I need more monies :P

I guess most 360 owners just need to play MW2 right away because they don't have as many games to play right now???

StanLee3972d ago

Here's the problem with that argument; PS3 gamers don't even buy many of the exclusives so it's not just multiplatform games. Even the exclusive titles underwhelm at retail.

frostypants3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Both platforms have almost identical time-adjusted attach rates. The PS3 base just distributes more across titles.

Redempteur3971d ago

Am i the only one who think that the lack of support for the first modern warfare is turning off many people on PS3..not to mention the price or the other exclusive for the platform

sikbeta3971d ago

StanLee stop searching on Vgchartz lol

frostypants3971d ago

I love it when people disagree with cold facts...

SprSynJn3971d ago

I was not one who disagreed with you, but stating your opinion as a "cold hard fact" doesn't make you look any more knowledgable.

And to answer the question put forth by the article, no I do not. The Call of Duty franchise, from what I have played of both 4 & 5, is a mediocre franchise at best. So many better shooting games out there right now and, with Bad Company 2 coming and Borderlands on the way, I have lost all interest in the series. Not to add insult to injury, but World at War was a joke.