Gamingbolt Game of the Month: October 2009

GB writes: "Last time we did our second Game of the Month Feature, this time we are back to do our third feature and this time we look back at some of the games in October. October 2009 was really a big month since it had some of the biggest franchises from Naughty Dog and EA. There were a lot of great games across all platforms, but these are our picks."

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williamkenny3460d ago

Well, Uncharted at No1 does not surprise me. It's possibly GOTY for most people.

joydestroy3460d ago

yup. i'm glad Borderlands made it as a runner up though. despite all of it's bugs, it's an amazing game. took almost 2 weeks for me to beat it on just one play through haha

blitz06233460d ago

I'm disappointed Demon's Souls isn't there. But then again, too many good games came out. The runner ups were not bad at all

gameseveryday3460d ago

I guess Uncharted 2 deserves the game of the month: October

williamkenny3460d ago

Yep, I have not played such an engrossing, all rounded game. It's just a brilliant package.

gameseveryday3460d ago

Perhaps the best in this generation, i would be surprised if it does not get the GOTY by all the sites.

williamkenny3460d ago

There have been a bunch of great games out this year though, personally I think it has been a great year for gaming. It will be a difficult decision.

gameseveryday3460d ago

I still think that Call of Duty MW2 might actually challenge UC2, but i dont see that it will win GOTY.

williamkenny3460d ago

Bein a PC gamer, I have my own...opinion on MW2. I won't be buying it,but I don't doubt that it will be a decent gaming experience.

gameseveryday3460d ago

Well m shocked that u wont be picking that game!

STONEY43460d ago

IW basically screwed us PC gamers over with no dedicated servers or mod support, and making it $10 more than every other PC game.

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