Videogamer: GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

Videogamer writes: "'I have a deep sadness in me, Luis. Will you join me, please, for an orgy of champagne, cocaine, women, watermelons and whatever else this city may have to offer?'

These are the words of Yusuf Amir - spoiled rich kid, property magnate and part-time arms dealer. Yusuf likes many things - prostitutes, class A drugs and stolen military hardware - but most of all he likes to have fun. The invitation I just quoted is taken from one of the early missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and in many ways it sums up what this episode is all about. Like The Lost and Damned, and GTA IV before it, TBoGT is ultimately a story about flawed, messed-up people - but this time the melancholy is all but overwhelmed by a massive streak of hedonism."

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