PlayStation 3 250GB system available starting today

The largest capacity PlayStation 3 system is available starting today with the 250GB PlayStation 3. The new PS3 has the same "Slim" form factor as the recently released 120GB PS3. The 250GB PlayStation 3 is available for $349.99 from retailers such as That's only $50 more than the $299.99 120GB PS3, and more than double the capacity.

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shingo3273d ago

i have one of these babies (pal version). so awesome. :)

zeeshan3273d ago

This is for the U.S. right? Is it a bundle? I hope they come up with bundles!1

Apocwhen3273d ago

The EU one comes with UC2.

SL1M DADDY3273d ago

Only I have had mine for about two and a half years now. It was a 60 gig but I needed the space. My SLIM is only 120 though...

QSPR3273d ago

I sell my 60GB (B/C) and buy a slim version.. no regrets @ all

TechWiz3273d ago

Me too I added 320gig to 60gig system. I don't understand why people make a big deal over HD space. It took less than 5 minutes to install.

1. Unhook PS3
2. Open Side Panel
3. Unscrew Blue screw
4. Slide carriage to the right and pull out
5. unscrew 4 screw that hold the HD in
6. Insert new Drive and put screws in
7. Insert Drive and push to the Left
8. Screw in blue bolt
9. Insert Side Panel
10. Hook up PS3
Your Done

Hideo_Kojima3273d ago

Yes it is so simple that it puts a smile on my face and I really want to upgrade but the only thing keeping me back is my killzone 2 save :-/
The rest of the games back up fine but Guerilla had to ruin this for me.

pangitkqb3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

But this is still good news for newcomers. I'm just glad I still have backwards compatibility.

ABizzel13273d ago

I upgrade my 60Gb to 320GB as well, I wanted 500GB, but it was still expensive and I heard it may not work yet. But my 320GB (298GB) is now down to 150GB after downloading nearly every demo, videos of games that aren't out yet, and 1000's of songs. So yeah the added HDD space is well worth it.

beardpapa3273d ago

oddly enough, my local gamestop has advertisements for the 250gb system for $299. I wonder if they notice their error or if it's just a local gamestop thing.

Frederickandre13272d ago

I have a 500 gig Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive in my PS3 Slim since September 5,2009. There is a 100 gigs that automatically got partitioned though.

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Serjikal_Strike3273d ago

launch 60gb w/bc for this...i care more for storage capacity than bc...
no regrets getting the 60gb

Hellsvacancy3273d ago

HDDs r cheap as chips these days, check Amazon youll b able 2 get a 320gig 4 £40-£50, youll get the best of both worlds then

shingo3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i encourage you to do it. that's what i did exactly; traded in my 60 gb for this and i do not regret it. bigger hdd capacity, smaller size, much quieter, and sexy! yeah it looks hot in real life. ;)

El_Colombiano3273d ago

Backwards Compatibility is worth far FAR more than a simple HDD upgrade.

Apocwhen3273d ago

What trade-in value did you get for your PS3 60gb? Thinking of doing the same thing.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3273d ago

BC isnt really that much of a big deal to people anymore. Theres enough PS3 games now to keep you occupied, rather than having to go back to PS2

Chris3993273d ago

The new model is far sleeker, quieter and simply less intimidating. It fits perfectly into an entertainment center.

Plus, at 2.5 years the BR drive in my old girl whirred like a lawn-mower. Not nearly as bad as my 360 (industrial leaf blower), but noticeable.

The only reason why I kept onto an older model was on account of the dearth of my games of preference (RPGs/ JRPGs) on the system. Now that the situation seems to be remedied with current gen games and the onslaught of RPG titles releasing now and over the next few months, I really had no need to hang onto an aging, loud system.

Just my two cents. But props and respect to whoever wants to keep their old beast running :P


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Delta3273d ago

I could never trade my 60GB(500GB)PS3. 60GB are the best models.

Siesser3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Agreed - my Launch Day unit's still going as strong as ever without any issues. The 500gig drive I've got inside is starting to look smaller by comparison, though... :( Bring on the terabyte!

zootang3273d ago

People keep telling me to get the slim over my launch 60gb. I'm happy with it. I guess a few people regretted trading them in

Siesser3273d ago

power consumption alone might be worth it in the long run, along with longevity of the system. But I still like my backwards compat., 4 usb, and memory slots. so, either way has its perks.

Apocwhen3273d ago

The PS3 60gb is known for getting the YLOD too. Sooner or later it probably will happen to it so maybe trade it in while it still works. 6 of my friends had a 60gb PS3 that got the YLOD. The machines were all about 2 years old though.

Young Capwn3273d ago

Your kinda scareing me, i had my 60 gig since it launched, havnt had any problems with it.

I have a 400 gb harddrive in it and i wouldnt trade it cause i has all the memory card slots in it, and BC (even tho i dont use it)

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OmarJA3273d ago

Meh, try harder...

Another account loser? *Sigh*

W831SOLIDSNAKE3273d ago

The Xbust 3 fix me has these features right out of the box
1.) 3month life span
2.) scratches your games
3.) Old DVD technology
4.) Laggy peer peer online gaming
5.) Extra fee to play demos
6.) Play the same games every year
7.) expensive HD
and most important of all...... NO GAMES!!

4point7BillionLoss3272d ago

we spent all teh money on HOME and eye toyz least RROD made a profit

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ColossiSlayer3273d ago

Sony should make a 1TB (1000GB) "Slim" with:
4 USB ports and a 5th on the back
N support for the wifi adapter
The card readers
The Piano Gloss & Chrome Finish.
What do you guys think? I'll leave the price up y'all.
It could be the dare I say "Premium" PS3.

zootang3273d ago

$399 - £349 with B/C and you got my deposit

4point7BillionLoss3273d ago

4.7 Billion dolla's .... Muhahahahahhaa

PirateThom3273d ago

Better than a 54.2% failure rate.

Over10billionlost3273d ago

4point7BillionLoss, do you know how much Xbox gaming division has lost so far?


beardpapa3273d ago

Premium with all those features? Too pricey! They should scrap this $349 250gb sku and ...

320 gb, N wifi, SD card reader, 3 USB, piano finish = $399.

I think 320 is the sweet spot.

sikbeta3272d ago

"do you know how much it would cost to build
4.7 Billion dolla's .... Muhahahahahhaa"

Do you know how much people have to pay or buy another xbox because of the RROD
54,2% Failure.... Muahahahahahaha!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! Muahahahahaha!!

Reliability > RROD

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