Christian Video Game Hopes for Wide Appeal

One of the biggest criticisms of videogames is that they're too violent. Now there is a new wave of Christian videogames that come with controversy of its own.

At first glance, Left Behind looks like any other video game, with dramatic graphics, special effects, and lots of violent shooting and death.

But in this game, next to the button you use to shoot the bad guys, is a button to pray.

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Marriot VP5451d ago

please no christian bashing. But feel free to not like the game.

I find this more of an insult to the faith than a tool to promote it. Praying and other things shouldn't be patronized at all. Maybe it's just me.

ironwolf5451d ago

Faith and prayer may belong in a lot of places, but video games are not one of them.

Dick Jones5450d ago

in the name of Christianity? I suppose you two war mongerors were out protesting the passion and the divinci code aswell. You wouldn't be so defensive of your religion if it was based on fact and not faith.

Marriot VP5450d ago

huh, what are you trying to say. I'm saying that this game patronizes praying. And between you and me religion, at least mine, is based on fact and faith.

ironwolf5450d ago

but I haven't been in a church other than for a funeral or wedding (same things) in 30 years. However, I am willing to respect other peoples beliefs, somthing your post shows you are incapable of.

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pRo loGic II5451d ago

Christians need games so their not left out. I guess they won't be playing Too Human or God of War lol.

MissAubrey5450d ago

Why cant be in video games??? but it can be in books, movies, music and tv? Anyways Christian games have been made already.

ironwolf5450d ago

Because in this type of implimentation it's disrespectful.

Marriot VP5450d ago

I think it patronizes praying and all other things.

specialguest5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

Left Behind Whitewashes White-Only Character(title of article about this game and how they are giving a lame excuse to why only white people were left behind while minorities all went to heaven....more like an excuse to be lazy game dev.)

check this article out:

this game is not even out, yet it has already sparked some questionable or potentially bad publicities.

Marriot VP5449d ago

does it really matter. You can read my comments to understand I don't like this game either.