Official CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Guide Revealed

BradyGames, today announces it has been working exclusively with Activision and Infinity Ward on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Signature Series Strategy Guide.

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Cronnie3270d ago

Usually never pick up any of these official guides, info can normally be found for free.

I must say though, the CoD:MW guide wasn't bad, had quite a lot of good info in there.

tdrules3270d ago

can we have JUST a normal edition for once guys.
or do i need NVG to read this?

TooTall193270d ago

Walk forward and blast any enemy in your path. You just saved yourself some cash. You're welcome

JustinSaneV23270d ago

Does anyone ever use guides anymore? I mean the intelligent gamer would know that twice the information can be found online for free...

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