Telegraph: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

There are two ways to approach a corner in Forza Motorsport 3: slow in and fast out, with smooth braking, hard lateral g's, a clip of the curb & power past the apex; or sideways in a cloud of tyre smoke crunching wings with rivals. Both work, it just depends how you want to play.

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NaiNaiNai3275d ago

Another great score for a great game.

MovieScouse0073275d ago

Having given Forza 3 a good going over I can confirm that, in my humble opinion, it isn't even as good as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.
The AI is rubbish, it was laughably easy to defeat them. and the cars still look too 2 dimensional. There was evidence of lumping great saw tooth marks in the outline of vehicles and the damage modeling is pants, pre-defined damage images and grey paint streaks were all I saw.
I'd rather keep playing GT5 Prologue, and wait for GT5, than fork out £45 for a game that isn't quite up to snuff! It's off to the bargain bin with Forza 3.
It will sell well, but only to those that have only got a 360. Anyone with both 360 and PS3 is advised to steer well clear in play NFS Shift, GT4 or GT5 Prologue until March 2010.

Ninjamonkey3275d ago

I think that GT5 has a chance of being better than forza 3, but forza 3 is better than GT5:p

1) The graphics are better
2) The driving feels spot on
3) The in car view has to be the best Ive ever seen, perfectly positioned to feel like your right inside the car
4) The car customisation is incredible, tuning cars is incredible deep for hardcore players and there are other options for less experieced racing fans.
5) The online market place is incredible. Some of the paintjobs you can buy are pretty much photorealistic, and the Joker one is just jaw drop gorgeous.
6) The career mode is great using a calander and even matching what races come next to your play style
7) The other racers AI is great, adaptive to how you play, and can now make mistakes making it all feel much more realistic
8) The menu system is brilliant too. Its clean and mature with great music included. I never likes GT5:p's menu system much. Is a small detail but its worth noting.

Forza 3 is a fantastic game, if you own a 360, regardless if wether you have a ps3 and if you are interested in cars then right now it is the best sim racer on the market.

Until GT5 thats it, reviewers know it and most gamers know it. GT5 will need to be pretty special to beat the game. I hope it manages though =P

Bereaver3274d ago

Ninjamonkey, are you crapping me?

#1 GTP Has better graphics. The textures in Forza 3 are laughable in my opinion.

#2 You say that Forza 3 seems spot on, but can you deny that GT5:P doesn't feel spot on?

#3 OMG are you kidding me! The inside view was the one where most people thought was pathetic, until those people figured out how to work their way around it, most simpletons will never have a chance to do that.

#4 This is the only way I can see Forza taking the boot, because GT5:P didn't have a career mode. But understand that, when GT5 comes out, it will put Forza to shame.

Anyway, I'm tired of typing now lol.

GT5, Track Editor. Need I say more? You shouldn't ever have said "has a chance".

MovieScouse0073266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I don't understand how you can say the graphics in Forza 3 are better than GT:P. I've played both games and they clearly aren't.
You also seem to be more interested in fluff like menu design and custom paint jobs! If you want to paint things go to an artists supply shop, personally I want to drive insane cars on mad circuits as fast as possible and I don't care whether the car is red, green, blue or pink with yellow spots!
You say the AI is great! I disagree. I found them to be awful, crashing for no apparent reason, and laughably easy to pass.
This is a child's game for spotty teenagers with no taste. I would rather play a racing simulator with real world physics and an astonishing attention to the important details of the virtual driving experience.

lamigol3275d ago

I have Forza 3. It is a great game for sure but to be honest, at the moment it feels a bit shallow. Great graphics - check, Great handling - check, Great customisation - check, variety of cars and tracks - check, involving, interesting hook to keep you playing - hmmmm.... something missing. Im not saying GT5 will be any different but I want the devs of such high caliber games to add a bit of character, a bit of personality to their games. By the way, does anyone own or know where I can buy a copy of Crash Time 2 by Synetic. Poor reviews I know but it is imo a little known gem. The demo on live is class. Cheesy german tv based game with loads of personality, if rather bad voice acting and glitches. I want it and cant find it anywhere, I will kiss the first person who finds me a copy to buy. Its turning into a bit of an obsession now.

creeping judas3274d ago

Crash Time 2, damn I wish I've been hungering for that game since the demo. Cannot find it in Canada any where.

Bereaver3274d ago

It's on steam, though I would rather you not support valve.