SCEE announced Video Store launch line up

Wonderwallweb Writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have today announced a list of the blockbuster hit films that will be available on the PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service before Christmas.

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NotoriousWarrior3269d ago

Sony has a huge advantage in the this feature as they own studios and have a huge impact on the movie industry.

i wanna see all of james bond, spiderman and terminator movies they are big hits and should help the store to get a great start.

El_Colombiano3269d ago

In theory you mean. Sony isn't as unified as you think and as much as I wish...

DaTruth3269d ago

Guess it's official!! Canada will be the only ones without a PSN video store. F*%# the CRTC!

Vitalogy3269d ago

Only thing I'm against is this limitation thing that sony insists to do in Europe. Why release it in only 4 countries? Non sense!

Karum3269d ago

Licencing laws is the reason. There are so many countries with different laws, regulations and legislations.

VidZone was the same but since it launched it has gone on to be released in even more European countries. It sucks that it has to be that way but unfortunately it is.

Mindboggle3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yh it is annoying. If you dont really live in the main EU countries, the only love you get is from yur own country really. Especially if your the only country who speaks the same language. Like sweden, russia etc

Serg3269d ago

There are around 2 dozen (!) countries that speak russian... Most of them do not have it as their national language, but they can speak russian.

DaTruth3269d ago

Should have read the article... or at least a few more comments!

Pumbli3268d ago

Icelander here, we don't even have a PSstore... :/

Glad I can still sign up for US and UK accounts.

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gaffyh3269d ago

Finally! Although I dunno if I'll actually bother ever buying or renting a film from it :), but nice to have the option.

Karum3269d ago

I'm kinda the same as you but I think I'll probably end up renting the occasional movie...if I want to buy a movie I'll go pick up the Blu-Ray version.

Vitalogy3269d ago

I agree with you too, and probably not even gonna rent but who knows, its already cool to have that option.

Its not a lie to anyone that we can actually get very very good quality movies from the net and stream them to our ps3 with (i.e. PS3 Media Server), but like I read and said, its very cool to have much more options available as possible.

dead_eye3269d ago

i'm a blu ray and dvd addict so this doesn't interested me but it's is still nice to have that option.

Digital-_-Smoke3269d ago


Finally the europeans are getting some respect

riksweeney3269d ago

Could be worth a punt I guess, usually I just record whatever's on Film 4.

That said, my TV is permanently stuck on Dave...

beeeffess3269d ago

I'm the same.

Though film four is a bit crap lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.