AppSmile: Beneath A Steel Sky: Remastered Review

AppSmile writes: "Beneath A Steel Sky: Remastered, Revolution Software's updated version of the mid-90's 2D adventure game, has been remastered and released to the app store. Bringing a nostalgic feel, an interesting storyline, and fun point-and-click gameplay, this engaging puzzler offers gamers something a bit different than what we've been used to lately.

Back in the day, we were big fans of adventure games where the protagonist would walk around the screen, talking with people, picking up objects, using those objects to interact with his world, etc. One of our favorites for the PC was Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade. So, we were especially pleased to see a good adventure game hit the app store. Beneath A Steel Sky places you in the role of Robert Foster, who is mysteriously plucked from his quiet village, made to watch the only family he's ever known killed in a massive explosion, and thrust into a city he's never seen. Escaping his abductors, he must now avoid recapture and unravel the mystery that surrounds him. Much of this exposition is played out in beautiful comic-book style during the opening minutes of the game."

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