MGU Review: Ronnie O'Sullivan's Snooker (iPhone)

MGU writes: "Ronnie O'Sullivan is considered by many as the icon of modern day snooker and it is clear to see why. The three time World Champion is second in the all time high earners list with over £6 million in prize money to his name and a career that is about to enter its 18th year. With such an illustrious career, it is easy to understand why developer Shadow Light Games have decided to create a snooker game dedicated solely to The Rocket. Snooker games have generally been OK when it comes to mobile gaming and generally they satisfy the needs of the consumer. So what can be done to make a snooker game different or new? Well this game can certainly attempts to achieve both of the above and the result is one that both Ronnie and the developer can be proud of.

Essentially this game is not your average snooker game. The title of it is Ronnie O'Sullivan's Snooker and it certainly does not deliver anything else but the expectation you get from the title. This is all about the Rocket and his rise to fame in the sporting world. The main career mode is all about his career and documents key moments throughout it. Each stage has pivotal matches which he introduces. You are then set objectives for each frame which you join at certain points. These are displayed in the form of a time-line, which begins at a stage called 'Coming Of Age' in which you are put into a match at the early stages of The Rockets career against Peter Ebdon. Obviously each stage gets harder and culminates in being crowned World Champion. In total there are 19 challenges for you to complete, all of which enable you to hone your potting skills."

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