Extreme Gamer: DJ Hero Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "A few months ago, when I first heard that Activision was releasing DJ Hero in the fall, I was pretty much instantly consumed with the idea of owning. It had been a few years since I'd put on my gloriously over-sized headphones and stepped behind the decks with my crate of favourite vinyl. It was one of my passions for quite a while…twelve years ago. Unfortunately things like moving out of my mom's house, owning a car, and food took precedent over getting up to Toronto to get some beats to add into my set. However, with the announcement that DJ Hero was coming out, my mind reeled at the idea of being to put my skillz to use once again and get back in the mix. I waited. My patience was rewarded when I was able to try it out at this year's Toronto X'09 game showcase in September, and after about 5 minutes I knew I had to own it."

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