MGU: Call of Duty 2 Mobile Review

MGU writes: "It's 1942, you are in the middle of an almighty battle. All you can think about is shooting the enemy in front of you. Bombs are exploding in the background and the only other sounds you can hear are the distant screams of friends and comrades being hurt or worse. Then from nowhere, you hear a familiar voice shouting, 'dinner's ready!'. It is then that you realise you are actually at home playing on one of the few games that can throw you into such action. The Call Of Duty series has now become one of the top shoot- em- ups on our consoles with each release highly anticipated and popular. With the series on the up, developers Activision decided to cash in on its success by releasing a mobile version of the World War II favourite.

As with the console version of the game, this one is set in the heart of World War II and in it you have to fulfil missions by choosing, firstly a year and then a character in which you must fulfil certain objectives. The objectives are basic in truth and most revolve around getting from one area to another without being killed. While they are basic, they are also in keeping with the overall theme of the game. Destinations are easy to reach as it shows you the location you must reach at the beginning of the mission. This is a nice touch as it means that it is very difficult to get lost. Also each stage of the mission is an isolated area, meaning you are unable to move on prematurely or in the wrong direction."

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