MGU: Sushi Shuffle Review

MGU writes: "If you enjoy your food and you enjoy playing games, then you're probably going to love the puzzle slider Sushi Shuffle.

In a fast paced, Japanese fast-food restaurant, you are challenged by connecting sushi (the raw fish and rice) dishes to make a row of three or more. To do this you must slide the rows from side to side or up and down. To flip between the two movements you use the select button.

There are two options of game to play, 'happy guests' and 'hungry guests'. In happy guests mode, you will have an unlimited time to play - the emphasis is to pull off the biggest combos and use the introduction of Wasabi sauce and other 'power ups' for boosting your combo and getting a decent tip from your customers.

Hungry guests, however, is a much tougher game to play for one simple reason, if you're not fast enough to spot the combos, your clients will leave, and if you have no customers, your game will end there! On the plus side though, on top of your score, you are rewarded for your perseverance in this mode by unlocking the etiquette tips (for example, things as simple as sitting down or using chopsticks have implications of politeness and faux pas to try and avoid, additionally you may even pick up some Japanese)."

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