Pocket Gamer: Zombie Tycoon PSP Minis review

Darwin said something like the species that's most likely to survive isn't the strongest or the most intelligent, but the one most able to adapt.

If that's the case, then zombies really should inherit the Earth, because according to the ceaseless onslaught of undead games we've seen recently there's nothing they can't turn their rotting hands to.

Although there are elements of social progression (or dominance, anyway) in Zombie Tycoon, its title is perhaps a tad misleading. Your objective isn't really to build some kind of conurbation from beyond the grave so much as to take over the existing civilisation with the intention of killing everything.

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Hobgoblin3456d ago

Been addicted to this for a couple of days now. Superb for the price. Minis are the way forward.