STP: Vempire Review

STP writes: "Vempire is a clunky match-up puzzler that really doesn't deserve to stand next to instant iPhone classics like Puzzlings, Puzzle Quest, or Aurora Feint. While those games added immeasurably to a familiar formula, the best Vempire can muster are a few artifacts, minions, and enemies that have no real impact on the gameplay experience, even when they work like they should.

In Vempire, you have to grind through multiple spooky-themed levels of matching colored blocks by rotating sets of four to make a chain of four in a row. Once you get the hang of this mechanic, you can pretty much move any block wherever you want, but it's still a nice variation on something we're used to. You're always running against the clock, trying to get an unspecific number of matches to fill up a progress bar."

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