PSU: Tekken 6 Review

When it comes to Tekken, there are certain aspects that will inevitably register at the very mention of Namco Bandai's venerable beat 'em up franchise. Juggles that don't just bend the rules of reality but crash them under an iron fist, ten-hit combos, ridiculously muscular old blokes sporting equally ridiculous hairstyles, voluptuous babes, pugnacious Pandas, boxing Kangaroos and feuding families are just a few of the inherent oddities that'll spring to mind.

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red2tango3367d ago

Fighting games get boring anyways...what's the point of buying them at $59.99 or $69.99

cyberwaffles3367d ago

haven't bought a fighting game, let a lone a tekken game, for a long time. gonna pick this up soon.