ARS - You win some, you lose some: a review of Apple's Magic Mouse

ARS: I may be in a minority at the Ars Orbiting HQ, but I've been a big fan of the Apple Mouse (formerly known as the Mighty Mouse) since its introduction. I like the styling and the mouse's functionality, and unlike some of my relatives, I can remember that something different will happen if I click with my finger on the right side of the mouse. Of course, the Apple Mouse has its drawbacks, the chief of which is the tendency of the scrolling orb to get gummed up with palm cheese and stop working correctly.

When Apple announced the Magic Mouse, the feature list intrigued me, especially the gestures. Since getting my MacBook Air, I've become a big fan of the three-fingered swipe for navigation when surfing. So Apple's move to bring that functionality to its mouse lineup made ordering one an easy decision. I placed my order the day the Magic Mouse was announced, and it arrived this past Friday.

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ijkabob3271d ago

We have this in the engineering college computing labs. I hate it. Right clicking doesn't always right click. Such a simple function that this mouse won't do. I hate it.

polakbob3271d ago

I picked up a new iMac the other day. The Magic Mouse comes with it. Great mouse for normal use. Useless for gaming. I look forward to someone taking this a little further.

Quadrix3270d ago

Since I was really wanting to get the new 27" iMac (though I'm sure that will be replaced by the time I get a well-paying job to be able to afford it), I'd be getting this mouse anyway. I'm hoping it doesn't make gaming too hard (Assuming I can run something like Steam with the new bootcamp feature).