What Is the Best Way to Convey Story in Games?

In some ways, Metal Gear Solid 4 was the last straw for Bitmob when it comes to story in games. They can pinpoint exactly when they stopped caring about the story in the game. It was in the conclusive cutscene of Act 3 - a half hour ordeal, five minutes of which consists of soldiers rolling up and readying their firearms, and another five minutes which consists of Big Mama deciding whether or not to throw herself to the fire. The scene was long - very long - but most insultingly, it was very over protracted. The whole thing could have been condensed down to a seven or eight minute scene at most.

Compare the way the story is approached in Metal Gear Solid 4 to the way it is approached in Half-Life 2. In Half-Life 2, the player finds themselves active throughout the story.

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The Meerkat3272d ago

Good points, and The Darkness was a great game.