Jak and Daxter Make A Triumphant Return On The PSP and PS2

Featuring never before seen characters and locations and customizable weapons and vehicles, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier offers fun for gamers of all ages this Holiday Season.

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gaffyh3275d ago

Can't wait to play this personally, but the EU release date is like Nov 27 or something ridiculous like that :(

butterfinger3275d ago

can't wait either. I'll definitely be picking up the PS2 version, though.

nbsmatambo3275d ago

put it on the PS3 damit!

ReservoirDog3163275d ago

I started playing jak and daxter 1 again yesterday (I'm the guy that actually uses backwards compatibility) and I'm really surprised of how much I'm enjoying it. It's really fun and my nostalgia meter is going off the charts too.

And I'll be buying this as soon as I finish replaying the series.

toaster3275d ago

Remember the good ol days of Precursor Legacy???
That was one of the many games that got me hooked on PS2.

Naughty Dog better make a new Jak and Daxter for PS3. It would be EPIC.
I can see it now..... BIIG environments to roam, things to smash, platforming, maybe even racing!(racing <-----siike)

LoLZoRz3275d ago

Jak1 is my fav game of all time

gaffyh3275d ago

Yeah definitely Jak 1 was the best in the whole series imo, because it kept things simple and had no guns etc. Also it had beautiful graphics.

El_Colombiano3275d ago

Agreed! Jak and Daxter was the best in the series, and that's saying a LOT!

MajestieBeast3275d ago

So who made it Nd or some other Sony studio?

gaffyh3275d ago

High Impact Games, PSP developer, they also make Secret Agent Clank.

Aclay3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I don't know what I want more from ND, a Jak PS3 game or another Uncharted... whatever they do next I'll be buying regardless. Jak was one of my favorite platformers last gen., and I'd love nothing more than for ND to put the franchise to rest for good with a PS3 iteration.

The Last couple of Jak games ND made were rated "T" and they did have more mature themes than Precursor Legacy, so if ND did ever decided to go back and make one last Jak game on the PS3, I'm sure they'll keep that same consistency going.

I like Sony's New IP approach each gen. but at the same time, I don't think it would hurt to actually go back and revisit past hit franchises on the platform.... and to be honest, that's probably why the PS platform doesn't really have an "identity" because it doesn't attach itself to one or two main 1st party franchises for more than one console generation, but now that almost everything is pretty much multiplat. 3rd party wise, I think it's a good idea for Sony to start doing that.

Anyways, I'll be picking up the PS2 version of The Lost Frontier, can't wait to see how this adventure plays out.