Guardian: Borderlands Review

Guardian writes: "It's always risky merging two genres, especially two as well established as the FPS and the RPG, but Gearbox just about has the pedigree to try.

Borderlands blurs boundaries at every step, with an almost ray-traced look that's a mix of cartoon, cyberpunk and wild west – think Mad Max and you're not far off the mark. You start the game by choosing from four characters each with their own preferred weapon class and style of combat. How these characters progress depends on how many kills you make and how many missions you complete, with skill points being spent on one of 21 ability upgrades to compensate for their initially poorly differentiated nature. After a brief tutorial, guided by your Wall-E style mascot, Claptrap, you're thrown into the massive dustball that is Pandora, a planet full of shanty towns punctuated by large expanses of desert. From then on, Borderlands progresses via through 100+ sub-quests ranging from simple fetch-and-carry tasks to killing particular targets, each opening up NPC allies who provide information or new weapons."

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