50 Facts About Modern Warfare 2

Welcome to NowGamer's rundown of the 50 most pertinent facts about arguably the biggest game of the year.

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Karlnag33275d ago

There's a lot of stuff that's been said before but also stuff I haven't heard yet. Each point is nice and short and ultimately, it's just nice to have all this in one place. :)
Looks to me that IWs main aim has just been way more variety. Looks like the MP is gunna be more fun than MW and also more hectic.

H34RT 4TT4CK3275d ago

what the insignia's are.

I'd love to be able to determine how a game goes before it starts by being able to tell who the idiots on my team are. Saves me the time and frustration of having to play with Mr. "Diealot" and "F.A.G.S."

On that note, I hope they use it to good effect. Another thing I hope they change from the first is that if I quit a domination game, and play domination again, that I don't end up in a game I just quit 2-5 times after the fact.

DERKADER3274d ago

I remembered seeing the blunt trauma icon in one video. That will be my icon of choice.If you saw it you know what's up.

mikepmcc3274d ago

very informative me psyched some, only a week left :D