The Latest Bad Company 2 Trailers & Screenshots

DICE released via its Twitter account a plethora of new info regarding its upcoming game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Screenshots, Box Art, Trailers.

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wxer3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

is it me or they are trying to be IW and make this game a new COD:MW ??

StanLee3272d ago

Man, this game looks to be a vast improvement over the first. More traditional multiplayer game modes such a Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch would be welcomed.

ABizzel13272d ago

Their trying to 1up IW not be IW. Battlefield looks like a huge improvement over the first game in all areas, and that's from someone who couldn't stand the first one. I guess COD 6 or COD MW3 are going to have to step it up, because EA is trying to take their spot.

TechWiz3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

"is it me or they are trying to be IW and make this game a new COD:MW"

1st The Battlefield Series(2002) started before COD (2003)
2nd BF2 (2005) was released before COD:MW (2007)
3rd COD:MW doesn't have destructible enviroment
4th BF has Tanks/Planes/Helicopters and COD:MW does not.

If anything IW wants to be like DICE

Ju3272d ago

It sure targets its competition, which is MW. But its the better game, none the less. (and now I'm counting the disagrees LOL)

Montrealien3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I have been playing MW2, don`t get me wrong, it`s a great game. It`s just not a crazy improvment over the original MW though, at least not from what I have seen up until now.

What I have been seeing of Bad Company 2 however seems to be, I can`t wait to get this game, but I will be quite honest, Bad Company 1 will take more of my online shooter time then MW2 will in until BC 2 comes out, that is for sure.

you know what`s ironic TechWiz? When Call of Duty first came out, the main tag line beeing thrown around was. (From the People who brought you Medal of Honor) which as you know, came out before BF2 but the key IW guys were still working for EA at time.

TechWiz3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

True but Dreamworks made Medal of Honor which is owned by EA. DICE is also owned by EA.

I'm not trying to diss IW, they are great developers, I was just pointing out that DICE is not trying to be like IW.

kevinx10003272d ago

i think it's a very different game... in pretty much everything.

Montrealien3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I should of been more clear, I was refering to the Allied Assault Medal of Honor on the PC, which was made by 2015 which became IW. If I am not mistaken, Dreamworks only did the first 2 PS1 versions, EA then took hold of the franchise fully.

ABizzel13272d ago

You know what's funny. I wrote a blog about Uncharted 3, and what I think it needs to surpass what Uncharted 2 has done basically saying stealth needs to be enhanced, climbing needs to be enhanced, multiplayer needs to be fixed, and stages should be more open like in MGS4.

And here we have a perfect example of developers overhauling a game to make it the best they can, and its receiving all the praise it rightfully deserves.

So for those of you who disagreed and said Uncharted needs to stay the same then take a look at this game. Evolution makes games better not playing the same BS over and over again.

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FanboyAttack3273d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone's trying to be IW, they make so much $$$

perseus3273d ago

COD4 was a great game, but comparing COD to Battlefield is silly.

COD multiplayer is light-hearted fun. It's good for a few laughs, but the maps are tiny, and strategy limited.

Battlefield is how multiplayer FPS should be.

dgroundwater3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

While I agree COD is light on thrills while Battlefield pours on the awesome explosions etc. The gunplay in Battlefield games is not as tight or responsive as MW's.

Just look at how they are touting the M1911 in that article. $100 says it will be the same cap gun we saw in BF 1943. Nine times out of ten, you will be left saying "What the hell!" after unloading 3-4 rounds into a guy just to have him take you down.

perseus3272d ago

I'll agree with that.

COD has more satisfying bullets. :-)

tdrules3272d ago

console gamers wouldnt understand how more meaningful the Battlefield series is to FPS compared to the COD series.
at the end of the day COD was spawned off the Medal of Honor series, Battlefield was incredibly original and yeah COD series copied the whole levelling up system, good work guys

Memo-Xen x31003272d ago

So Bad Company 2 will or will not have a deathmatch for multiplayer?

Anti-Fanboyer3272d ago

conquest mode replaces those two and combines them into one. And yet it has manage to be successful even as a former pc exclusive.

Ashby_JC3272d ago

I for one HOPE they DONT add Team Deatmatch or Deatmatch.

Its what made me like BBC1 so much. The 2 modes were about winning the match by attacking or defending or taking control of spots on the map. You won as a team!!

MW is all about just accumulating kills. Ill go for BBC2 over MW2!

cyberwaffles3272d ago

jc is right. battlefield is all about teamwork and strategy, even when you play lone wolf style. cod is where you join a sabotage game mode just to get a lot of kills instead of finishing the objective.

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