Bioshock: New Ingame Images

BioShock is a unique game that mixes a spine-chilling setting illustrated with art deco art and architecture, sci-fi themes of bio-genetic mutation and self-modification, a deep storyline with open-choice freedom to interact with the world as you choose, and first-person action that requires you to think every time you pull the trigger.

After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea. Constructed as an idealistic society for a hand picked group of scientists, artists and industrialists, the idealism is no more. Now the city is littered with corpses, wildly powerful guardians roam the corridors as little girls loot the dead, and genetically mutated citizens ambush you at every turn.

Here are some new screenshots.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

There BIOSHOCKING indeed! ^_^

BitbyDeath4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

So what's the goods about the game, the graphics are looking pretty bad, i can't stand the shine thing like the sun is reflecting off all the characters.

Is the gameplay where this game is at? What's the good points about the game? Super advanced physics or something?

Dr Pepper4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

the fact that a lot of it isn't scripted (enemies just wander around the city on there own and it isn't previously set up)

The graphics are actually pretty darn good (have you seen the water? it's some of the best i've seen)

A large amount of customization to your weapons

Cool powers/abilities

And it looks like it is going to have a really good story, with really intelligent AI (a big emphasis on the intelligent AI) that allows you to attack objectives in multiple ways.

BitbyDeath4582d ago

cool thanks, i'll keep my eye on it... maybe get my friends to hire it lol

Rhezin4582d ago

I can't stand idiots who post their negative BS about the sh!t they don't like if you don't like the dam game then don't bother clicking the link!

BitbyDeath4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

I was askin a damn question
Get over it

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