Fairytale Fights reviewed by writes: "Some games have a superb concept and then unfortunately are let down by poor implementation. Fairytale Fights is such a title, as playing as the likes of Red Riding Hood, Jack from the Beanstalk and Snow White in a violent gory platforming action game does sound great on paper, it unfortunately is left lacking in key areas.

"While the premise is rather simple and one that is completely different than any title that has come before the art style and cutesy look gives it a lot of charm. At the same time though the game is quite disturbing when you see the quite psychotic look that the likes of Little Red Riding Hood and co have throughout most of the game and the copious amounts of blood that will be eventually be spilled by your Fairytale hero. There are a few clipping issues which will see enemies suspended in mid air that does ruin your roaming through the fantastic levels."

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