Strategy Informer reviews Dragon Age: Origins

From "Picking between the party members is a lovely struggle that occurs before every quest. Dragon Age: Origins has players depending on an approval rating, so it's essential to take party members who will agree with the views of the hero since they'll soon favor the hero and then, before too long, perks are unlocked for their unwavering support. Also, on the plus side, the more a party member approves of the hero, the more likely they'll be a romance candidate. Playing as a male, Morrigan was easily wooed with all the dialogue options and gifts that were provided to gain her support. Leliana was much more difficult since she didn't have much to say at the party's camp and there weren't many gifts that she fell head over heels for."

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Marcus Fenix3269d ago

when it arrives 2 my country that is, we usually get games a week later than the US release date, great review of what looks 2 be another gem from Bioware