Analysts Clash On Wii Longevity Question

Analysts Clash On Wii Longevity Question A new Los Angeles Times article discusses the strong start and continuing sales leadership for Nintendo's Wii among the next-gen consoles, with analysts from Gartner and Frank N. Magid Associates disagreeing on whether the console's keen consumer interest will continue in the longer-term.

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ITR4581d ago

I have a feeling the Wii will update slightly every 1-2 yrs.
This yr they get DVD enabled yr maybe an upgraded GPU for HDTV's.

Odiah4580d ago

Meh, it only cost 180 bucks. I don't care if I have to upgrade.

anthonsh4580d ago

I have a feeling next year might bring a wave of downloadable channel software.

ITR4580d ago

I'm still longing for a USB HDD.
I think we need it with all the VC games and channels coming down in the next 12 months.

anonymousAJA4580d ago

Wait wait wait. The Wii costs $250 but the PS2 costs $130 and the Xbox is discontinued but the Wii STILL cannot play DVD movies compared to the cheaper PS2 and the discontinued Xbox? Then what exactly are we buying that shoots that price up so much when it is as powerful as an Xbox and lacks the hardware to play a freaking DVD movie? Also why is it that every Wii game plays almost exactly the same by using gesture recognition instead of full 3D plain mapping that the Wii controller is supposedly capable of? Something is not right here...

ITR4580d ago

First the Wii only costs $210 bucks. The WiiSports actually jacks the price up.

Flash memory in the console also jacks the price up.

The reason the DVD didn't come with it was because the DVD license fee, additional equip, and DVD software player would push the costs to around $280-299 bucks. Nintendo didn't want to get into Xbox 360 land so they held off. They are adding it now because the orig consoles overhead costs are dropping.
It'll probably just replace the old Wii at the same ol' price.

People in the know are actually waiting for this new DVD enabled Wii which will sport black colors.
I know about 3 folks waiting on the black Wii now.

bootsielon4580d ago

Wii costs 210, but Wii sports makes it cost 250? So, I guess PS3 costs 299, but the HDD and Blu-ray drive make it cost 599.

And don't kid yourself, Wii Sports isn't worth 40 dollars. More like 10, at best.

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