Infinity Ward comments on terrorist controversy

Infinity Ward have been attracting a fair amount of heat recently. Mostly from PC gamers with their omission of dedicated servers, as well as the mainstream press regarding the terrorist portions in their forthcoming game.

Modern Warfare 2's story writer Jessie Stern has spoken to USA Today outlining how the writers formulate the game's plot:

"We would have a conversation about what would be terrifying in today's political landscape is, if for reasons of oil, the Russians decided to roll tanks into a former Soviet republic. And then the following week that happened in the republic of Georgia for very similar reasons we had been debating," Explained Mr Stern.

"So we were like, we don't want to do that, we don't want to do ripped-from-the-headlines stories. Then we started having conversations about terrorism and how scary it is the idea of what they call 'soft targets', people just getting killed in a shopping mall or a public area and about then a week after that the attacks took place in Mumbai (India). After that we stopped talking. We sent an email saying, 'Does anybody want to take a break from this for awhile?' Because it was frightening."

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