New Super Mario Bros. holds a secret

Nintendo Dpad writes:
"Mario fans always love a good secret, and New Super Mario Bros. doesn't look like it will disappoint in that department."

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ndpad5366d ago

Love Mario games, always more to them than you think. Hopefully World 9 is a fanbased world. Something Mario fans would really love.

ndpad5366d ago (Edited 5366d ago )

Sorry not happening...


scroll down till you see the answer to your question.

That would bee cool though.

LeonSKennedy4Life5366d ago

I'm super excited for this...

: (

Yoshiii5366d ago (Edited 5366d ago )

ne soyez pas une secousse

LeonSKennedy4Life5366d ago

La faaaageeeet!!!

Seriously though...why is everyone excited for this? New Super Mario Bros. was boring as frick!

I don't know why you guys keep coughing up 50 bucks for mediocre Wii titles.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is one of the best games I've ever played...and yet, nobody bought it. That makes me angry!

This game sucks.

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ReBurn5366d ago

I'll be getting this title for sure. Let the "hardcore" miss out on a great experience if they want to. It's their loss. Life's pretty shallow if your roots only go back to Halo.

LeonSKennedy4Life5366d ago

I have a Wii and I'm not getting this game.

I'll play anything if it's good.


Super Mario Galaxy = Good
Indigo Prophecy = Good
Uncharted 2 = Good
Gears of War 2 = Good
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves = Good


...I'm not getting this game. I played it on the DS and it bored me to tears. Yes, BORED!

Nothing bores me!

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Goodbye New Mario, I Won't Miss You

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first Mario 2D game in almost two decades without the New Super Mario art style, and it looks all the better for it

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misterandy383d ago

Am I missing something? It looks exactly the same, just higher resolution… Is this sarcasm?

specialguest383d ago

Yes, you're not observant if you think it looks exactly the same. It immediately appeared different to me from the start. Mario's 3D model will always be the same, so not much difference there. However, the animation they've given the Super Mario Wonder makes it look more like a CGI Mario animation where as the New Mario Bros game looks more like typical video game animation movements


__SteakDeck__383d ago

@specialguest Yeah those animations are insane.

FinalFantasyFanatic383d ago

You really didn't notice the difference? It's really obvious, I was surprised when I first saw the trailer.

Asplundh383d ago

"Am I missing something?"

Your glasses maybe?

Juancho51383d ago

This Mario game looks great, getting a switch for this and Mario RPG. CANT WAIT, TITS JACKED.

Profchaos383d ago

Yeah I liked how much more emotion could be conveyed through the new style at first glance I didn't see much difference but then rewatching the trailer I'm seeing more and more animations that remind me of the Mario artwork from the manual of smb3

Outlawzz383d ago

I hated the new super Mario bros Style. This new one seems a lot more expressive and less generic. I hope it's a good game

shinoff2183383d ago

I prefer the 2d Mario's. Me and my girl have played them all together and mario galaxy , Mario odyssey. The 2nd player option is extremely eh

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Top 10 Best 2D Mario Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "So as a tip of the cap to the mustachioed one, we’re going to head into MAR10 Day with a look back at the top 10 best 2D Mario games!"

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Gridknac1589d ago

Super Mario U is a great one that reminds me alot of Super Mario World on snes. When ran in 4k@60fps on pc, it's hard not to love it.


Where Does 2D Mario Go From Here?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "if we already have the ultimate 2D Mario game – what corners of the Mushroom Kingdom are left to explore? Where does 2D Mario go from here?"

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