Modern Warfare 2: Predator Missile Kill Streak Leaked

There have been released a new video of Modern Warfare 2 that shows the kill streak Predator Missile. New videos of the Spec Ops mode and some footage of Rio de Janeiro have been leaked, too.

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The Meerkat3276d ago

It all looks very smooth.

StanLee3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I can see how much the singular focus of this game's multiplayer is getting kills. Encourage gamers even more to not play tactically or objectively.

Edit @ below

Have you played Sabotage or Domination in COD4? Or Capture the Flag in World at War? They're like 10 and 20 minute Team Deathmatch games where no one goes for objectives and plays for kills. Now imagine everyone trying to get a Pave Low or an EMP or Nuclear Bomb.


I think all objective game types should have a respawn delay. I hate playing Domination and kill a guy only to have him respawn an arms length from me or chuck a 'nade at the objective I'm trying to capture because I just killed him there. I hope the horrible spawn is fixed in Modern Warfare 2 as well.

Fishy Fingers3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

There are plenty of objective orientated MP modes. Of course when you watch deathmatch it's going to be all about the kills.

Personally I always play the objective based modes and with a good bunch of friends it can be very tactical, especially if you play "hardcore" modes.

Edit: Well of course sometime it'll be like that, but I've played countless games that have been very tactical and team structured, perhaps you've been unlucky on the players you've been matched with, but you should try hardcore. I find if your with friends and play the mode the way its "meant to be played" the opposition will catch on.

I know what your saying, but most FPS games boil down to kills kills kills, which is a shame, one reason I often play clan matches. But COD isnt any worse than most others. They encourage team work and completing objectives like any other, by offering more points and whatnot, so really it's the players, not just the game.

The smaller maps will always make for a more kill orientated game I guess, but they also make for carnage, which is just what I want from COD.

SL1M DADDY3276d ago

If you enter a game with this then you counter it with objective thinking. Let the idiots run around looking for kills and seek them out then shut them down. Do you have a clan? If not then good luck. If you want to make the most of the game, you need to be in a clan.

StanLee3276d ago

I hope they expand Team Tactical to 5 vs 5. I usually only play Team Tactical but 3 vs 3 on some maps can drag on. Forcing team work in public games by disabling party chat is fine but in most public games, I play with a party. I don't think disabling party chat was very well thought out.

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spandexxking3276d ago

anybody thats been watching MW2 knows about the predator missle kill streak, how is this leaked?

dkblackhawk503276d ago

In before videos get deleted lol.

Leon_Blu3276d ago

This game will be very overated, because of the Xbox 360 we get a small single player, just minor graphical updates, better textures and colors. Xbox 360 and its dvd is whats keeping all multiplat games down.

Fishy Fingers3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Yeah that explains why PC games all come on blu-ray. Oh wait...

Sure DVD can restrict on certain things, but graphics arent really one of them. Length, ok I'll give you that, but COD is never going to have a 50+ hour campaign.

Moan moan moan, not happy, go click on something you are interested in then.

darkknight09963276d ago

If you take a look at battlefield: bad cmpany2 you see the jump in the graphics so it does not have anything to do with DVD9. IW chose not to make a huge diff in the graphics and focus (hopefully) on the game play.

Greywulf3275d ago

PC games don't have to run a game off of a DVD. They are compressed and uninstall into larger file sizes.

Consoles have to run off DVDs..Which is why your comment about PC gaming using bluray makes no sense.

DVD isn't even enough for 400 vehicles of a racing game.

4pocalyps33276d ago

"bloody 'ell, we just got our asses kicked!"

i remember that line from mw when you lost a mp match. thought it was a funny line

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