Miyamoto on Cats

Andriasang writes:
"The Mario creator gives a hint into future developments. Maybe"

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Goomba123271d ago

Nintencats? Doesn't sound right.

butterfinger3271d ago

same thing. I was thinking "Catendo" sounds at least a little better, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them go with "Nintendo Cats" or just "Cats".

Smacktard3271d ago


Nah, too stupid.

Raptor3270d ago

Miyamoto on cats:


Yoshiii3271d ago

Me thinks dogs are more popular than cats. would the cat claw the bottom of the couch like mine?

Julie3271d ago

*raises paw* we cats deserve great games too! D:

NaiNaiNai3271d ago

Wouldn't work, Cats are not very playful when there older. More or less just mean little demons who want to be left alone.

Julie3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

>.> hehe joking i agree, cats are a bit mean and selfish still cute very cute :3

Look at these scottish fold (beware cute stuff ahead):



Me loves them <3

Shnazzyone3271d ago

Good luck teaching cats tricks. Maybe you can feed them to your nintendogs. Otherwise. I guess little girls will eat that title up.

Briefcase Joe3271d ago

That's a cute kitty. Yours?

Julie3271d ago

hehe i wish :3 take a look at the ones i posted above, those are really cute!

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