Sony's System Software Development Needs Help

PSInsider Writes: While their hardware has been top notch, their software leaves a lot to be desired. "It only does everything" would be right, if half the things it does didn't crash on you every time you tried to use it. We take a look at what Sony needs to do to improve their software quality.

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Feral Gamer3272d ago

As copied from the blog:

"A quick rant about buggy software"

Who wants to read a rant? I thought this was supposed to be a news site? I thought blogs were accepted from industry professionals.

JL3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I think the writer actually makes some valid points. I know some people are going to get up in arms thinking this is just another blast/attack on Sony and they'll dismiss it as lame and try to hide it. However, it's not really that. Overall though this article touches on truth.

The title for one could've distinguished that they're talking about system software (ie browser, etc) as opposed to games (I see that's been changed now). I do think they exaggerate a bit here (I've actually never had a problem with any of the firmware updates, I don't think it's always as much of a problem as some like to make out). But when it gets down to it the basic premise of this article is exactly right. Sony could use some help in upping their system software in some areas. The browser especially could use some work, and their firmware department could probably use some help as well. As far as the crashing all the time that this article mentions though I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I've never had that happen. My system has never crashed like he talks about (just shutting down/restarting). It's only froze a few times. Half of which were indeed because of that crappy browser. The other half due to games (which I think was more about the game than the ps3).

Maddens Raiders3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

i wonder how old this,"Dustin Rudzinski" kid is? Another article whining and crying over small crap on a FREE service!!!

I never have problems surfing or downloading and I enjoy my free FW updates from SNE which keep my system cutting edge and evolving.

Are there going to be some minor technical problems from time to time as there is with - you bet as w/ anything, but Sony is always quick to fix it or respond. Boy I tell ya, so many of you kids are spoiled much so that articles like this are written by some cry baby whose having (free) browser hiccups and some problems with Media Go!!??? This douchenozzle needs to get a life and faster connectivity.

fr0sty3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

First of all, I'm probably older than you. Second, I have one of the fastest net connections you can get (30mbps), third, every try using facebook with that free browser? And just because something is free, doesn't give it an excuse to suck. I'm not complaining because I hate sony and don't like the fact that they are the only console manufacturer to make a mostly full featured web browser that runs in HD, I'm complaining because Sony has a real opportunity to hold a huge advantage over the other guys, who are slowly catching up to these features with website integration of their own, and they are completely screwing it up. That and they recall almost every major firmware update religiously... which is just lame. When's the last time Microsoft had to do that? However, as I clearly said, I'd still prefer a system that crashed all the time than one that melts on you.

Also... SNE? Don't you mean SCE?

IdleLeeSiuLung3270d ago

The software (not the games) are clunky to use and often crashes, especially the browser.

They really need some help with the user interface. I don't even bother with the browser.

HolyOrangeCows3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

The web browser freezes sometimes and the firmwares have small problems until they release the patches soon afterwords.

Shorter summary:

Caffo013270d ago

i crashed only 1 time in the ps3 browser...and i usually use internet on ps3!anyway don't you remember last time microsoft recalled a fw?hmmm maybe less than one month ago with the sky player?

ico923270d ago

well i haven't experienced any freezing during uncharted 2 but i agree with the browser it needs some work

Megaton3270d ago

I agree with the browser bit. That thing is a real piece of crap. I only used it for downloading UT3 maps and mods cause it was easier than moving back and forth from PC to PS3 with my flash drive. They need to ditch that clunker and replace it with FireFox or Chrome. Hell, even IE would be a step up.

Also, I really hate it when people think something has a license to suck because it's free. If everyone was as sheepish and scared of rocking the boat as you, there wouldn't have been a push for in-game XMB or trophies.

3270d ago
Bathyj3270d ago

You crack me up Dude. Its a free browser (which the others dont have) on a console. Not a desktop with 4Gb of RAM. Its not like IE or Firefox are perfect either.

I only use it for simple things so maybe thats why I dont have many problems, but I wouldnt expect PC like perfomance either with 5 windows open streaming video, chat windows and whatnot all at the same time.

Just dont forget, it is a GAMES MACHINE FIRST.

Everything else, that the competition cant even offer let alone better, is just gravy.

If they put more resourses into web browsers, you'd probably be the first to complain if the games suffered.

Eddie201013270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I have never had the system software crash on me, nor have had the Browser crash on me. Home has crashed (Its in Beta), and maybe one or two games has crashed. I had many more game crashes on My 360 and I play games on my PS3 much more than on My 360. I've never had any crash on the Nintendo Wii's.

None of the browsers on the the PC are perfect all of them have small problems from time to time with various web sites Especially with IE lately and even Firefox. Nontendo's Browser is far from being perfect also. The PS3 browser has gotten much better since the launch of the PS3. Does it need improvement, yes, but I could say the same for all the browsers.

There has only been one firmware update that has been removed if that's what you mean by recall, and that one did cause a major problem for some people. A small number of people have had problems with all the other firmware updates, the ones that are having problems are the one that are the most vocal.

Xbox 360 and Nindendo Wii have had problems with there updates. The Xbox 360 has had more problems than the Wii, probably just as many as the PS3 and they are a software company.

I haven't had a single problem with the Media go software, works really well for me, and installed just fine too. Some of the things you complain about are just silly, like it needing other software to work, well that's often the case with PC software.

Blaze9293270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

why is everyone so god damn upset? This is coming from a PLAYSTATION website; at least they have the balls to just talk about what Sony needs help on which is software...which they DO. Just admit the faults, stop being so quick to bash and cry foul when its something against the PS3.

Look at that Xbox Evolved site; when they were telling people NOT to buy a xbox 360:

http://xboxevolved.e-mpire.... (lol only one report? wut?)

Anyone notice the HUGE difference in comments and reports? A Xbox Site...telling people straight up, the 360 sucks and isnt reliable - everyone gave props like hey; its true - at least they had the balls to say it; all fanboyism aside. Playstation Site, talking about how Sony needs help with software development (which AGAIN, they DO) and everyone is crying and upset.

Just stop the whining and grow up. The PS3 isn't perfect neither is Sony. You all are acting like that fr0sty guy and PSInsider are some bashing anti-sony bafoons.

It's sickening and just plain sad.

ProA0073270d ago you know and can clearly see, where the term "SDF/Sony Defense Force" came from. If it isnt so clearly shown here then I don't know a better example.


sikbeta3270d ago

What do you care, kid, is even worst to be an @$$ whining about whiners lol
SDF?, you are From the Retard Whiner Force or something, I don't get it

WHINE WHINE WHINE because you had nothing to do with your life, you had anything constructive to say, you don't know what are you saying and pretend to bash, you can't respect individuals opinions, move on WTF has to do your "SDF" statement with this article

I don't care what kind of console lover you are, but whining for something you don't care is the more stupid thing you can do in your life, stop crying kid

Eddie201013270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

You do realize that many of the comments on N4G to that article were from PS3 Fans, that A good portion of the comment weren't even on the article and also that there were Xbox 360 fans making comments saying it was not true and that they gave everyone a 3 year warranty for the RROD problem. There were only three comments on the Xbox evolved site and two were duplicates.

Xbox 360 fanboy's are constantly defending the problems with the Xbox 360 on this site. Don't make them out to be more rational than the PS3 fanboy's.

I own both systems and I Know first hand that the Xbox 360 has a problem, I've had two fail.

I also have a PS3 and know that the problems described in this article do not exist for me, I haven't had the problems he described.

All software could be improved on all systems, that's a given, but don't exaggerate the issues just to get hits.

vhero3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I have only ever had 1 problem with the software and thats been since it updated to 2.0 enchanted arms no longer works correctly and constantly crashes. Turning off background downloads seems to have fixed it somewhat but it still hangs on loading etc.. Obviously its a problem with the game aswell and it seems the devs don't wanna fix it and neither do Sony.

Also ain't this site news 4 gamers not rantings of gamers? This is hardly news somebodys opinion is it?

NegativeCreepWA3270d ago

I agree with the article, I've always thought the PS3 software is below par. Same with the 360s hardware.

Is it really that much of a surprise MS is a software company and Sony is a hardware company. If the two got together we would have a perfect console.

mastiffchild3269d ago

Meh. Just as many, if not more issues, when using stuff on 360 or Live myself though I will say that both could perform a little more reliably on the non gaming side of things-updates esp have given other people issues while I've only had one on each console.

So, yeah, Sony and MS could tighten up a little for me.

RememberThe3573269d ago

See they're not getting money for these FREE things they are giving us. That means they have less resources to devote to fixing issues. It's a pretty simple concept, and I'm not sure why some of you are having a hard time with it.

If you want to pay for a service that may be a bit better go to Live. I don't want to pay for the service, so I will continue to take what they give and point it out when something is wrong. But I will not hold unreasonable expectations. I hope most of the PSN's issues get resolved but I'm not going to cry about it because I don't pay for it.

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fr0sty3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Ever heard of an editorial? Those things that gaming news publications post from time to time to express views on the gaming industry? You know, those things that you find on the inside cover of your favorite gaming mag? I suppose not. N4G is a place where news, rumors, articles (aka editorials), pics, and videos can be posted. If you still haven't figured that out yet, look closer next time. Over half the articles on N4G are editorials.

And we're far from a "blog". Blogs usually don't have staff members from all over the world, including game developers that have worked on some of this generations' most recognizable titles, game reviews, podcasts, previews, interviews, a forum with over 30,000 members... yeah. sure. we're a blog.

X_JL_X, I changed the title to avoid confusion.

JL3272d ago

Cool. When I first read that title I was about to flame on this like all the others lol thinking "What the hell? Sony has a killer game line-up". Maybe that's just me though. Then when I realized it meant system software I was more like "yea, I can agree with that".

The browser especially needs some work. I would love (like the article mentioned and I've talked with friends about before) if Mozilla and Sony got together to make Firefox for the PS3.

Sony could also use some work/help on the operating system, especially if they want to make a legit run on incorporating their own operating system throughout all their products.

This all is no big surprise though, so I don't see why people would get so up in arms. Sony has always been a hardware company, not a software company. So it's no surprise that they're not that great at it just yet. They just need time to get all their ducks in a row really.

fr0sty3272d ago

Thanks for the heads up on that. Some around here can be far too sensitive when it comes to criticizing Sony. Though they are the best console manufacturer, they are far from perfect. And just because they are the best doesn't mean we shouldn't call them out when they screw up. We need to get on to them so the best can constantly be under pressure to be better... otherwise it'll only be a matter of time before "the best" belongs to someone else who actually did bother to do the things Sony is not. With Microsoft (kinda) bringing twitter and facebook to 360, that for the most part works as advertised (Save for the link thing), sony needs to at least make sure those 2 sites work perfectly on ps3 as well. Twitter does mostly, but ever tried using facebook? it's pretty much impossible on a PS3.

Ju3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Maybe some people are sensitive, but you headline calls for hits. Sorry to say.

What you refer to is applications, no ? Browser, added features, etc are all applications and not system software (even if part of the Firmware in that case).

So what you want is a more mainstream experience in the added value applications within the PS3 firmware.

And that I can understand, to some degree. And this also directly points where the real problem is.

System Software delivery works on a different level. This is one piece which needs to be tested and deployed (and despite maybe some other people's experiences, I had no troubles with any update so far).

Sony would, however, need to strip out all additional applications into an "application development group" (and while they are at it, they should come up with a plan to allow 3rd party applications, as well).

They can use their experience with game certification to do that. Extend this to application requirements, test inhouse SW as applications, with real market requirements and then deploy them separately to FW updates. Done.

The reason why they don't or can't do that well enough, is - IMO - simply inexperience in regards of such deliveries. They are primary a HW company, they have reorganized their SW devision(s), but they don't really have any experience in application development.

3270d ago
Eddie201013270d ago

There are good editorials and there are bad, poorly written, bittttchy, slightly miss informed editorials. There Might be something wrong with what you are doing with PS3 that's causing you so many problems.

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MetalGearRising3270d ago

Quit that will be a good start because as i see it there is only place for 2 consoles on the market which are xbox360 and wii.

electricshadow3270d ago

^^ You're so clever, MGR. Competition is good for videogames. However, you being a retard, you wouldn't see that.

skatezero2463270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

lol I think this is your dumbest comment yet, and thats saying something .... Sony had 2 consoles out and sold millions of games before Xbox was even thought of ... Sony isn't going anywhere so get over it

I seriously think your either 10-12 years old or your a sad individual

Foliage3270d ago

"as i see it there is only place for 2 consoles on the market which are xbox360 and wii."

Well, one day you might upgrade out of the last generation of consoles. Into the better newest generation, where the PS3 stands alone in quality.

Marty83703270d ago

And one less opinion coming from this site.

Welcome to my ignore list prick.

W831SOLIDSNAKE3270d ago

U should quit commenting more than three times per news segment.... Because I only see room for two retards to post....YOU and YOU!

P.S..metalgearising in an example of what happens when you are a malnurished game starved XBOT volture.

ultimolu3270d ago

Shut the f*ck up and close your mouth. For once, stop trolling this site and act like a grown man, if you ARE one.

kaz-hirai3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Even since 1995 MS still fail ;-D!!!!!!

Yes there is room for 3 consoles but 1 of them shouldnt be the 360 ;-D!!!!

I hope Sega someday replace the 360 then i can have 2 quality systems in my home and have a Wii collecting dust as it always does ;-D!!!

Narutone663270d ago

patch the software with bugs. MS could not patch hardware with defects. Which people do you think is smarter, the one supporting a software with bugs or a hardware with defects?

4point7BillionLoss3270d ago

sniffing for some profit .... but all they got is LOSS !!!

keysy4203269d ago

way more market share than MS sony istn going anywhere, m$ maybe though they are putting all theri eggs into the natal basket. its might backfire. Also coming out after sony is never a good thing natal cant take that blow with sony's momentum.

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divideby03270d ago

XMB is great...never had a single issue with the Sony OS...
I really think this is a rant of a whinner, would luv to see him rant about the 360 hardware fails, that would give the kid who attempted at writing an article a brainorism

cmrbe3270d ago

Never had any issues with XMB or browser. Its just slow the browser but nothing ever crashes on my PS3 sofar.