Xbox Rewards program begins, giving out tons of Microsoft Points

Microsoft have officially begun the mysterious Xbox LIVE Rewards Pilot program, and will be awarding selected participants Microsoft Points for numerous online actions - such as signing up for or keeping their Gold memberships, or subscribing to Netflix - every month.

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sakura20093271d ago

wait. so they will be giving points to people randomly. well thats stupid

DelbertGrady3271d ago

Not stupid for gamers at least. Which are you again?

But yeah, it must be bad since "M$" is involved.

AAACE53271d ago

I hope they give me 1600 so I can download the GTA content. Don't know if I wanna pay cash considering I didn't really like the lost and damned stuff.

sakura20093271d ago

but only a few gamers will be able to get the points

Elvfam5113271d ago

after a certain amount of achievements like

10,000 you get 1600MSpoints

mikeslemonade3271d ago

This is a good thing. But will only be negated if Microsoft charges $100 xbl gold.

SRU96003271d ago

I got the email last night telling me that I was accepted into the program.

Yay for me! :D

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sakura20093271d ago

i never said it was a bad thing. in fact its a great thing. its just stupid that only a few people will recieve it

ActionBastard3271d ago

It's a pilot program bro. Of course there will be limited participants...that's why it's a pilot. Earning points for renewing your membership or Netflix is the least they could do, right?

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3271d ago

M$ actually giving back to their consumers instead of nickel-and-dime'ing them? It must be a cold day in Hell...

Chrisny853271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

PlayStation gives me a free subscription to PSN worth 50 bucks a year.

..and i didn't even have to take a survey.

SRU96003271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Sony is giving PSN subscriptions away for free because they know that very few people would actually pay for them. ;)

Chrisny853271d ago

hahahhah that was a good one i give it to ya

Anon19743271d ago

Here's some points! Yeah!

Seriously, points for a Gold membership? That's pretty self serving.

4point7BillionLoss3271d ago

convert to yen and donate to sony plz

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BRG90003271d ago

Wow Foobs, having a bad day? I can't fathom how this could upset someone as much as it seems to have upset you.

The long and short of it is that if gamers keep doing exactly what they are doing anyway, they are likely to get a few dollars' worth of MS points out of it. What's bad about that?

Chrisny853270d ago

i like when people say the word fathom.. i just don't know why

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ramiuk13271d ago

yet again microsoft shafts the rest of the world.
i hate the word NETFLIX,its all i bloody here from there mouths

boasting how good it is and stuff yet on the US can get it

Triella3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

This program is all smoke and mirrors and most people involved will probably be able to gather up to 200 points maximum :

- I'm betting not everybody involved will have to renew their subscription in the next six months.

- Most people involved have probably already purchased something from the Marketplace and will not be able to get the 100 points reward for that.

- The maximum purchase reward of 5% is not granted and will probably only apply to micotransactions (wallpapers, avatar cloths, etc.) I bet 800 points games & up will probably only get you 1 or 2% reward. And even if the 5% applied to a 800 points purchase, it's only a 40 points reward.

- The token have an expiration date to June 30, 2010, people will either have to fork out more points (money) in order to be able to use their earned points or let them go down the drain.

In clear, if you want to enjoy 1 free game, you'll have to spend way more than you first intended.

BRG90003271d ago

But, if the people in the program completely ignore the program and continue gaming as usual, they are likely to get a couple bucks' worth of points. What's bad about that?

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divideby03271d ago

just like their corny live card that was useless which just faded away

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