Amazon discounts prices for big holiday games

Amazon is selling Borderlands, Demon's Souls, Halo 3: ODST, Uncharted 2 Among Thieves and more for $49.99 or less.

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LordMarius3270d ago

These games barely release, I dont understand

El_Colombiano3270d ago

Its Amazon. They ALWAYS have great deals. Don't complain.

zeeshan3270d ago

That's what I have been hoping for! Yayyy, Amazon, here I come!! :)

acedoh3270d ago

I don't think I ever remember a time with so many blockbuster type games in such a short amount of time. Amazon is going to get real aggressive to sell these. I can imagine seeing some even bigger sales in another few weeks for those who are patient.

SprSynJn3270d ago

I just purchased this game last week when it was $53.99, and now I see it for $49.99 today. >_<

HowarthsNJ3270d ago

Seems customers complained about something and they pulled it from sale.

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hatchimatchi3270d ago

demon's souls.

that game effing rules. I'm playing uncharted2 right now, but I can't stop thinking about demon's souls and how insanely fun it is. The difficulty is what makes it so addicting for me, everytime i get killed all i wanna do is make it back to that same point and lay a beat down on my killer. It's a wonderful feeling, lol.

GOTY hands down for me.

WildArmed3270d ago

shhh.. your gonna invite more newbies >.< Then Imma be tempted to go hunt and welcome the new squad as a black phantom lol

But I tottally agree, Demons Souls is effing awesome :) personal GOTY

BldyShdw3270d ago

Demon's Souls is truly Epic, but not Epic like Epic Mickey (less epic im sure)

I digress, buy it lol

PSN: BldyShdw

rmedtx8883270d ago

Great... I just spent $120 in games last week at mostly in some of these games... =(

Well at least I can buy Ratchet and Clank cheaper now. ;P

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DirtyLary3270d ago

Just grabbed Demon Souls. Thanks for the heads up.

zerocrossing3270d ago

i just finished my 1st plY through the other day best fun ive had on a game for years, started my second play through today now thats hard "this is wher the true Demons Souls begins" lol oh and dont be put of by the dificulty its just a matter of practice till you can own most demons.

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