2009: Best PS3 exclusive lineup ever, 2010 looks even greater

The seventh generation of consoles is in full swing now. Nintendo ran away with the casual market, Microsoft is doing well, and Sony finally got its groove back. But for the latter, it wasn't always rosy, in fact, if you listened to the media in 2006, 2007, and even 2008 when the PS3 was already doing great, you would have thought Sony's Playstation brand would die. But the so called journalists baseless predictions were wrong; they were dead wrong.

It's believed that you make or break a console depending on the amount of first party "exclusive" titles available for said system. Well if that saying rings true, Sony is here to stay.

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Jamie Foxx3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

stating they need to get out of the market,will never catch 360,blurays not needed,.......wonder how stupid do they feel?

respect to all early ps3 adopters because we went through hell, all the articles that had no facts to them or blatantly lied it was constant,still some to this day lying...'CNET' but we are benefiting now through quality games

2010 looks set to outdo 2009 for exclusives sony have finally found their rhythm

Sarcasm3269d ago

I still haven't bought R&C. I've already spent $120 for Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2. October was a tough month for me to justify buying 3 games. Even then I'm not even remotely near finishing Demon's Souls since I had to start over. Uncharted 2 I cant get enough and am addicted to the MP.

I cant imagine what's 2010 going to be like once GoWIII and GT5 hits. I really do need to fake my own death to finish these games. This is not even mentioning the must have multplats! AHhh!

fishd3269d ago

The Last Guardian
God of War III
Gran Turismo 5

This Gen.Perfected!

sinncross3269d ago

The article should have also made mention of
The Agency
DC Universe Online
Magic: The Gathering Tactics

While these games will appear on the PC, they are all console exclusive to the PS3.

They may not increase the PS3 hardware run by much, but it still adds variety to a wonderful 2010.

Maddens Raiders3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

for my PS3(s)11|17|06, so hell yeah I've heard fud forever and a day -- I laughed it off then and will continue to the end of this generation and on to the next one

btw for me, when GT5 drops: goodbye world.

Megatron083269d ago

so 2 titles make it best ever what a joke. After all infamous was a flop and medcore game at best demon soul was even worse and R&C was just there normal yearly update. KZ2 and uncharted are the only 2 can look at as maybe being AAA KZ2 had the graphics, the hype and the scores (paid for by sony) but that actual game play was god awful. On to uncharted again great graphics and hype and more paid for reviews. how ever the game had average gameplay. It ends up be nothing more then a dumped down version of TR.

if 2010 is so great why the need to pad it unheard of titles and worse unannounced titles. Fact is only goow3 and gt5 are the only confirmed titles for the ps3 in 2010. Unlike the 360 that has almost a dozen AAA confirmed for 2010.

Once again the only game worth playing on the ps3 is the waiting game

DarkMantrid3269d ago

pull on Megatron08's legs. We need to get his head out of the sand asafp!

Maddens Raiders3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

i don't think his head is in the...."sand" per se.

"After all infamous was a flop and medcore game at best demon soul was even worse and R&C was just there normal yearly update..."

i sense so much deep pain and remorse in your words...sad really.

RedPawn3269d ago

Don't worry Megatron only believes, and graduated in 08, so his [email protected] haven't dropped yet, matter fact Shrek wants his sack back good sir. GTFO w/that weak sh!t, I don't need to defend a system to know quality, but damn you sound as pathetic as Nintendo nut jobs. We all know your joking, cause your life's a big joke, and your punch line sucks.

- Bubbles Clown

nix3269d ago

though i didn't buy much this year.. whatever i bought were all exclusives except NGS2 which had already come out for 360. Sony's exclusives are all hard to miss.

As the years go by the PS3 games are becoming bigger and bigger... and grandeur'er' and grandeur'er'... Killzone 2 took it to different level.. but Uncharted 2 took it further up. i wonder how will i feel if i have to play other games now which are not upto the "standard".

thanks Sony for spoiling me.

SL1M DADDY3269d ago

They don't feel one bit stupid. You have to remember, they have nearly zero memory when it comes to these things. Heck, they had forgotten the history and legacy that Sony had left us and how they had proven time and time again that they were and are the best gaming platform manufacturer. They forgot about all that Sony had done for them and continued to slam Sony on the basis of price. Now that the PS3 is in their affordable range, they love Sony and are parroting the facts that Sony is the best console manufacturer, just like they have always been.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

And besides a ton of AAA exclusives, PS3 also has:

The best exclusives according to the media and critics (source: metacritic)
Groundbreaking games such as LittleBigPlanet and Mag
Superior graphics to multiplatform games and gameplay that matches the quality -- KZ2's graphics and Uncharted 2's graphics and gameplay blow any multiplatform game or 360 exclusive out of the water
New GREAT marketing
Best value out of the box -- $600 was a good deal for a PS3, $300 is a steal
Blu-Ray which is great for HD movies AND games by lending more space for game content
All controllers are wireless with a built-in rechargeable battery and a charge cable included
Still isn't maxed-out so future games have major potential
The big features the competition has are either already on PS3, or coming soon ie: Netflix, morion control, Cross-Game chat, Trophies, Custom soundtracks (in some games)
Built-in web browser so you can surf the web and watch videos online on your HDTV
FREE online play via the ever improving PSN
The exclusive social networking app Home
Constant firmware updates that improve the PS3's feature set
Higher quality hardware than the competition
And many, MANY more great features!

Really, PS3 does EVERYTHING!

zeeshan3269d ago

I am sure there are more exclusive titles we are missing here. EYEPET comes to the mind and I must say, we all kind of don't think of EYEPET as a AAA titles but it actually really is. I am sure it'll sell a lot of copies here in NA. I read it did great in EU, lets just wait and see how kids react to EyePet in the states. Still, it's an exclusive for family fun!

sikbeta3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

This is something we knew years before, when every fanboy used to attack PS3 supporters "cuz haz no gamez" lol, wanna know where the hell are they now

Anon19743269d ago

Jamie Foxx noted in the first post that media must feel pretty stupid now predicting the demise of the Playstation, death of blu-ray, etc.

The thing is, they don't appear to have learned anything. Just a couple of months ago, the Financial Times was reporting on the PS3's struggles versus the rival 360 and slow sales. Truth is, the PS3 has outsold the 360 since the PS3 launched worldwide. How could the FT overlook such a huge, glaring fact in their reporting?

The US dominated game media is the culprit behind all this nonsense and the reason is simple. They know their readers, and their readers are 360 fans. 60% of all 360's sold are sold in the US, and given that the average Wii owner is a casual and doesn't read game sites - the next biggest audience in the US is 360 owners.

So, they invent all these problems to make 360 owners feel good about themselves. They talk about how games are better on the 360 despite professional reviews showing the bulk of games on average score better on the PS3. They nitpick game install times, completely oblivious to the fact that if developers had a standard harddrive on the 360 they'd utilize it 98% of the time. They invent slow sales stories, issues with the free PSN service, issues with lack of games, all in an attempt to tie into 360's owners console loyalty to boost their readership.

The question is, now that the tide has turned and the PS3 is clearly the console to own to discerning gamers, will the US games media change their ways or keeping spoon feeding 360 owners feel good stories for the 360 and hate stories for the PS3 to keep their reader base?

ico923269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

has everyone fogotten about eight days and the getaway 3 remember they wern't cancelled they wer put on hold and you also have totake notice that the developer said that they've completed 50-60% of eight days so for all we know we could see those games in late 2010 just saying also there are about 2-4 jrpg's announced for 2010 on the ps3(can't remember the names) and hopefully a new twisted metal game but anyway 2010 is gonna amazing not just for the ps3 but for the 360 and wii aswell

The Lazy One3269d ago

they didn't even announce that yet o.O

Resistance 3 only has a billboard seen, which was supposed to be in a film that won't even be out till 2011. o.O

Agent doesn't even have a release year let alone a release date yet either.

Traveler3268d ago

Don't know how many people agree with me, but I think Sony are doing better this generation with their exclusives than they did last gen.

The PS2 was a monster console and there were a ton of games for it, but a lot of the ones I wanted to play were third party. Sony came out with God of War and some other good new IPs on the PS2, but this gen just seems like they are on fire. We're not even 3 years into the PS3's lifecycle and we have already had quite a few new IPs like Heavenly Sword, Lair, Uncharted, Resistance, Motor Storm... and the list goes on. And of course we are also getting some great sequels in established franchises: Ratchet & Clank Future, Killzone 2, MGS4, etc.

The PS3 is definitely my favorite console for exclusives. I enjoy the 360 for the occasional exclusive and for many multiplatform games.

Maddens Raiders3268d ago

that was an excellent post. +bubble for you.

4point7BillionLoss3268d ago

want cash ... huge deficit ....

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LordMarius3269d ago

"Console exclusive games ~ In this department, not even the most loyal Xbox 360 fanboy would argue the fact that the PS3 hands down outdid the Xbox 360 in terms of exclusive games this year."


LordMarius3269d ago

thats why i posted this quote, i'm waiting for the bots

Obama3269d ago

Plenty of delusional bots may deny this but lets be real; whether you are ps3 or 360 or wii fanboys you gotta admit the ps3 won this year with the sheer amount of great exclusives.

Narutone663269d ago

just look at Halo3 MLG Pro's comment in the Gamer Zone. Still playing anything Halo and believing that it's GOTY.

Ownejj3268d ago

Halo is freaking amazing you ps3tards would be doing the same if you had it. ghey

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LordMarius3269d ago

~ God of War III
~ Gran Turismo 5
~ Heavy Rain
~ Agent
~ Quantum Theory
~ The Last Guardian
~ White Knight Chronicles
~ Killzone 3
~ ModNation Racers
~ Final Fantasy Versus XIII

First Day Purchase on all of them.....except MAG, MAG sucks

Sarcasm3269d ago

MAG doesn't suck, it's just not what it was promised to be. So far I'd rate it a 7/10. And the stupid beta hours doesn't exactly help anyone try to get a feel for it either.

hetz153269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

what sucks about MAG (the beta)is the freakin size. Hope the final build won't receive those madness updates. Judging from the demo, I'd give it 8/10. Where else can you find 128 vs 128 FPS without any lag???

xabmol3269d ago

~ God of War III
~ Gran Turismo 5
~ Heavy Rain
~ The Last Guardian <CAN'T EFFIN' WAIT>
~ Killzone 3
~ ModNation Racers

All day 1, and yeah...

MAG sucks. I played it once for about 2 hours and just could not get the hang of it. Seemed VERY complicated (overly so) and I never had the urge to play again. I do think some may like it, but it was just a bit much for me. Also, I'm not a big FPS online fan so...

Redempteur3269d ago

MAg size is because they have to test everything for the beta ..the final bluid is on blu ray so there won't be such huge updates ( they stated it )

callahan093269d ago

I love MAG. The thing is you have to figure out what you're good at. You can't be a jack of all trades in MAG, you have to be more like a real soldier, like a specialist. I had a hard time getting the hang of it until I modified my loadout with smoke grenades, self-heal kits, and a sniper rifle and started laying low and back and providing sniper cover for my teammates. Then I started to really feel like the game was a gem. The maps are so large and well-designed, there's so many places for a sniper to go, it's brilliant. I started to have an absolute blast after I found my place in the game doing what I'm good at.

blackpanther253269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

My brothers didn't like MAG at first but when new builds came out and they started getting levels...they love it. Like Calla said you can't be everything in MAG. You have to choose what are are best at. One of my brother is a really good medic and that is what he does on his squad. While I am a really good support so i use anti-personnel, tank mines, heavy machine guns, and poison gas grenades. I don't really see how you guys have a hard time with it. It is really easy to get into. Maybe cause i have played mostly all FPS across every platform so the only thing new MAG really does is large scale battles with insane coordination.

Ravage273269d ago

My 2009 list of purchased games

1.Valkyria Chr (i know its a 08 title but i was broke last xmas after buying R2,MotorstormPR,Bioshock and Fallout 3)
3.Demon's Souls (asian R3 version)
5.SF4 (sold it :/ )
10.FIFA10 (still untouched)
11.GOW:Collection preordered
12.picking up DragonAge tomorrow, looks like it's goodbye to AC2 :D

vhero3269d ago

Your right MAG does suck the fact you can spawn and instantly die!

Redempteur3269d ago

that's not true AT ALL ... you didn't play MAG ..

YOu can spaw 3 differents ways in MAG

- first're defending ... you spaw in a bunker and you see the battle outside with an exterior cam ... and you can go out once things have calmed down ...

- second you're attacking ... you're always spawing in a area the defenders can't accès ...

-third .you're jumping out of a plane ( you won't die until you reach the ground ) and even then since you can direct somewhat your trajectory it's not a problem ...

Sure you can die , as long as you get out of your bunker , but since there are at least ( minimum 2 spaw points ) and it goes up to 5 in some maps ... i really don't see how it's a problem ...

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swiftshot933269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

FFV13 and Killzone 3 arent confirmed for 2010. Also Quantum Theory is crap. I also think MAG will flop too but it seems people are liking the beta.

Still, Agent, a new exclusive IP from the creators of GTA, Rockstar North, is already a confirmed AAA purchase and pretty much guaranteed greatness. That game will be awesome.

The Last Guardian, team ICO's first (and maybe only) game this generation, spiritual sequel to the game that proved the games can be art, will be amazing to say the least.

And even after that we're getting God of War and Gran Turismo debuted on next gen (pretty much sony's biggest 2 games), plus a super solid RPG from Level 5, WKC. Heavy Rain and Modnation Racers also have loads of potential.

IMO, nothing can top this list. 2010 looks to be the best year of this generation.

Of course, as long as sony doesnt f1ck up. Knowing them, something will need to be delayed (lets hope nothing doesnt).

dreamcast3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Is Agent even confirmed for 2010?

Both 360 and PS3 have some great games coming out in the first half of the year, but what about their fall lineups? I thought Resistance 3 was coming in early '11, but I'm probably wrong. Even then, that's only one game unless Last Guardian comes out then, which would be awesome. I know I'll def be getting those along with GoW3, GT5, and Heavy Rain... maybe ModNation, as well.

360 doesn't has a good lineup, too.. next year will be a great gaming year.

EDIT: forgot that Jaffe should be showing his game relatively soon... maybe it will come out in '10?