Home Beta impressions from PSU

Highlights include :

- Great character creation, (rivals many games with it's depth,like Oblivion).
- Less impressive creation options for your actual home, but still with enough in-depth to create a unique one.
- Great graphics, realistic characters (although not the best animations) and environments.

- Simple and effective camera control.
- Your voice (if you're using a mic) is directed through a radius around you're avatar, and not just at one person.
- A seamless experience, in which there are no load times between walking around and playing games within GameSpace.

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TnS4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Good post with highlights. :)
(Just remove the via link, beceause it is pointless.)

4580d ago
Maldread4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Thanks, i didn`t see that hehe ;) Just old habit i guess.

VirtualGamer4580d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

Please stop spreading fud.

umbagumba - They will still need to implement a service like xbox live that is a fast and effecient way to hook up with freinds and play games.

Already in place, you are alerted when freinds long on and can jump into any game you both own instantly via your virtual PSP.

umbagumba - People will grow tired of having to walk around in a virtual world for 10 minutes just to get to their game, and they will always eventually fall back on the easiest way and just play the game from the interface.

Again you don;t walk around for 10 minutes or one minute you go to a game via your virtual psp.

umbagumba - Any virtual world ever made has only kept peoples interest for 2 months on average like the average second life user. Because it is boring, if you don't know, try second life.

Second life is a game. Home is not.

umbagumba - I think for some it will be great thay will need a more effecient way to hook up with freinds and play games if they want to please the masses, for more than a couple months.

This is the third time you have stated the same thing and again its the third time your mistaken. You don't walk around to find your friends and then go to a game.

umbagumba - Also they need something to rival acheivemens because trophies are nice an all, but you have to go walk around somones house for an hour to see them, where as with acheivements the number is right their and you can compare them.

Again you don't have to walk around for a hour to see them. Games can still have leaderboard ranking etc, independent of home trophies. As well your trophy room can actually have the captured gameplay footage of you actually accomplishing the achievement in game. Lots of possiblities here. Trophies are to shared with friends and family not the world.

umbagumba - If someone gets an old PS3 game and wins the trophies noone will really notice because they are old and they might assume the person already had those like everyone else does, but with acheivements you see the score go up and you know they have done something to progress their gaming prowless.

Again trophies are not ment to be shared with the world. They are mainly for you as a showcase of what you have accomplished playing PS3 games. You can share them with friends or not. It was never ment to be a gamer score to show the world how good or not good you are.

EDIT: umbagumba - Than k you so much for spamming my PM box with all those lovely swear words and personal attacks. Shows how immature you are...I would guess 14?

umbagumba - Virtual gamer below me, everything you say is wrong, you are retarded as hell. Not one of your attempts to lie makes sense.

Lie where did I lie? The only thing I did was mistake Second Life for a game. Sorry I have never used it and assumed it was more of a virtual world game. In any event Second Life is not a interface for meeting up with friends to go play PS3 games now is it?


Why because you say so? You can walk around if you want but you don't have to. Watch this movie about home. The guy clearly says.

"As far as finding your friends as well, you will also be able to search for your friends, find out where they are and go join them immediately or be able to send them a invite so they know where you are and they can join you immediately. So very much not a case of wandering around trying to find where your friends are and spending hours trying to find them."

umbagumba - Using the PSP interface is what I said they would do, and not use the virtual world.

Your never said anything about the PSP you said they would fall back to the interface. What interface would that be? How about the virtual PSP you use in the virtual world called HOME, duh. So I can be in my apartment in Home and a friend logs in to which I would invite him to come join me and poof he would then pop to my apartment where we could have a quick conversation and if we decided to go play a particular game go do that or warp over to go check out the latest movie trailers or whatever. All of this done in Home and not having to walk around for 10 minutes.

umbagumba - Your arguments are pathetic, Second life is not a game, RETARD. You are soooo pathetic. You have no idea what the hell you are even talking about and that is very clear, LOL you don't even know that second life is not a game.

Again I have never used or had any exposure to Second life I assumed it was a game. Just because I was wrong about this does not make what I am saying about Home wrong. I know about Home. Read everything about it and watch all the movies etc and I know for a fact you don't have to walk around for 10 minute before you can jump in a game.

umbagumba - And that you agreed with me about people not using the world. You just proved you are one of the dumbest little sh!ts on this site.

No I did not agree with you. Home is a staging area to hook up and meet your friends then jump into games. You can do this with in the 3d world of home and no you don't have to walk around for 10 minutes like you claim. All you have proven is when anyone disagree's with you you throw a huge tempertantrum and spam the heck out of their pm box and call them all kind of names like a child throwing a temper tantrum. You then go on to spam the same message you post below in a bunch of other news story threads going way off topic and annoying everyone else on this site. Your on your way to one bubble and if I had my way banned from this site, good job!

QuackPot4579d ago

Home is an experience in the same way as Second Life and should not be compared to XBL.

But Home needs to be more like a Sims experience with themed worlds/Homes.
You should be able to build entire homes, shops and be part of creating entire neighbourhoods and communties that you roam a city an explore. Add in avatar functions such as running, grabbing, jumping, pushing, kicking, throwing, catching etc or even flying abilities, as well as creatures or animals and vehicles, then Home will truly be a must have experience.

Look at Home as only the beginning. Eventually Sony will realise the full simulation is the way to go.

4579d ago
Armyless4579d ago

and you're automatically an idiot for having an OPINION that's different than his...

how infantile.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Hey I seen this joke on the net..."HAVE YOUR XBOX LIVE AT LEAST WE ARENT HOMELESS"

EDIT : I am on topic Home looks great and I will love 2 seee u all on it sooner or later...

Kyur4ThePain4580d ago

stay on topic? Just once? Maybe?

achira4580d ago

one word to you: asshole

novaIS3504580d ago

So if Home is boring, then Xbox live must = death.

macalatus4580d ago

@achira and novals350

I second those comments!! Short, sweet, and straight to the point!!

candystop4580d ago

It's funny you say that because you only have one word anyway with your one bubble lol! I guess maybe now you see what it's like for someone to hear asshole comments like your own even though i'm being honest! This looks boring and I'm sorry to hurt some feelings by saying that but it does!

macalatus4580d ago

Anyone's first impression of your first message would be nothing more than a "flame message" which I myself mistook. You should have thought of it before you posted the word "boring", which inevitably would attract negative attention. After your last post above, now I know you were simply stating your opinion, not "baiting" for attacks. Now that said, you should have stated your opinion in the same manner as umbagumba #1.1, in which the opinion is explained validly.

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Maddens Raiders4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

-- "Proper recognition must be given to Home's developers, as they managed to create a seamless experience in which there are no load times between walking around and playing games within GameSpace." --

The Playstation Nation welcomes you.

FreeMonk4580d ago

"Home" does look promising, but for me anyway, I just want to play online games, not create living areas and walk around virutal chat rooms. If I wanted to do that, I'd use my PC and get Second Life. I'm sure theres other people who feel the same!

Home will be free, which is good, but my bets is that once released, people will be moaning about all the Microtransactions that Sony will be charging for content, because those charges are what will pay for the service!

Premonition4580d ago

Guess what You dont have to use home, its up to anyone, so really there is no need to complain about it, if you want to play games go play them, nothing is stopping you.

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